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Sweating: Is It Good or Bad for Your Skin?

Melissa Marsden

Nobody likes to sweat. It’s annoying. It makes your skin feel sticky. And when you sweat it’s usually all over your body, you get sweaty hands, feet, arms and even your back gets sweaty. But sweating is a normal thing and everybody needs to sweat now and then. However, did you ever stop and wonder if sweating is a good or bad thing? And specifically what does it do to your skin?

Causes for Sweating

Our body is covered in millions of different sweat glands and when our body temperature rises these glands start to perspire to help start cooling the body in order to regulate our core temperature.  This is why when you’re working out, or if you’re outside on a warm day, or in worst cases when you’re sick with a fever you start to sweat. You may also have noticed you start sweating when you’re feeling nervous or anxious. This happens because these reactions cause our body’s fight -or-flight response system to get going. This triggers our nervous system to release hormones that activate our sweat glands and thus causing us to sweat.

Benefits of Skin Sweating

Surprisingly, there are some beauty-benefits for your skin when you sweat.

  • It can help with anti-aging
  • Sweating adds moisture in to the skin
  • Sweating can kill bacteria (which can lead to break-outs) on the skin’s surface

Sweat is good for the skin as long as it’s not on the skin for a prolonged period of time. Sweat consists of water, salt, minerals and chemicals and helps to eliminate bacteria and toxins from the body. It increases circulation, exfoliates the skin and the water and urea keeps the skin hydrated and smooth.

The “Not So Good” Side of Sweating

Like with most things, even though there are benefits, there are also some negatives:

  • If sweat stays on the skin for prolonged time periods it can actually raise your risk of skin infections or blemishes
  • Sweat can have an odor to it which can be unappealing to most.
  • Excessive sweating without the proper replacement of fluids can cause dehydration

Skin Care

Essentially sweating can be good for your skin when handled correctly. If not, the skin can become irritated and you can put yourself at risk of skin infections. This is why you need to create an aftercare routine for when you go through a sweating “episode”.

  • Shower as soon as you can
  • Exfoliate the skin to open up your pores
  • Thoroughly clean the skin with a gentle cleanser to remove any remaining bacteria
  • If you have sensitive skin make sure you follow up with an alcohol free toner on your face
  • Moisturize regularly to keep your skin healthy and balanced

Gloves In A Bottle works differently than conventional lotions. It bonds with your outer layer of skin to help keep skin-irritating toxins and bacteria out and help lock moisture into the skin. It is completely safe to use for sweaty hands and body as it is non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores. This means your skin is free to breathe and perspire naturally while using the product.


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