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Do You Need The Perfect Gifts for Stay at Home Mom?

Words By Martina

If someone’s a stay-at-home-mom – these days referred to as a SAHM – chances are they’re in their home a lot. Whether they’re taking care of a young baby or they have a house full of teenagers, it all affects their day-to-day life because they have chosen to dedicate their time to take care of others. Isn’t it time you thought about the perfect gifts for the stay at home mom you know in your life? 

A stay at home mom spends a lot of her time making other people her priority so if you asked her what she wanted, she would probably tell you something like, ‘I don’t want any gifts.’ This leaves you fending for yourself and ripping your hair out trying to find that perfect gift. But the perfect gift for her is actually quite simple – it’s something that makes HER the priority. Think about what will give her a chance to just think about herself for a moment and give her a much deserved break. If you’re struggling for ideas, worry no more! I’m sure this list will have you covered!

Gift List For Stay At Home Mom

  • An automatic coffee/espresso machine - why you ask? Because sitting down for a coffee in peace and quiet is probably a luxury and if she can get a hot cup of joe made for her, that’s one less job she needs to worry about!
  • A smart speaker - think Echo Dot, Google Home or Sonos 1. With a speaker she can interact with, she can get the news, her favorite music or podcast on demand without lifting a finger - because chances are her hands are already busy doing lots of other jobs for the family.
  • Personalized photo book - there’s nothing quite like memories and knowing that someone has taken the time to put together a thoughtful gift for you. This is definitely one that mom will appreciate.
  • Diffuser - if you spend a lot of time in the home, you’d definitely want it to smell nice and feel relaxing. A diffuser will do both for any busy stay at home mom.
  • Skin care - a stay at home mom does all sorts of things that keep her busy from morning till night and I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t get the chance to pamper her skin. Getting her a gift of luxurious skin care products like a nice lip balm, a high quality hand lotion like Gloves In A Bottle and a pampering face mask could be just what she needs.
  • A meal out - take her out for a meal at her favorite restaurant to show her how much you appreciate what she does for the family. No cooking, no dishes, just family fun.
  • Bath bombs - for any mom, the epitome of relaxation is sitting in a warm bath with a good book (or a glass of wine!). Give her some luxury bath bombs – and a bottle of wine if you’re feeling generous – and make sure she takes the time to relax.
  • A weekend hotel stay - for any stay at home mom, getting away from the home is a much needed break once in a while. Since the home is her place of responsibility, take her away from it for a night or two so she can completely unwind. (The bonus is that if you take her, you get to benefit from a weekend away too!) 

If there’s any doubt, look around the home and think about all the things that a stay at home mom does for her family. What would make her feel appreciated? What would make her day to day life easier and more enjoyable? And no, hiring a full-time nanny is not on the gift list but if you want to dedicate your time to helping her out with some of the jobs she needs to get done, I can’t imagine any mom turning down that offer. Gifts for stay at home moms don’t have to be expensive. It’s all about putting mom as the priority. Focus on that and whatever you choose, I’m sure your gift will be just perfect!

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