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Thoughtful Gifts for Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything

Words By Martina

There’s nothing more annoying than buying a gift for someone that doesn’t want anything. There. I said it. The cat’s out of the bag! But it’s true. Most people have something they want or need so when it comes time to buying a gift for them, you have something to go on. But what if the person you want to buy something for has nothing they actually want? Maybe they’re a minimalist and don’t like to collect lots of ‘stuff’. Or maybe they’re the type of person that when they want something, they will have already gone out and gotten it for themselves. But what if that person is your mom? What then? What you need is this handy list of ideas of gifts for Mom who doesn’t want anything!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mom

If your mom really doesn’t want anything, then it’s time to get her something that she will want – she just doesn’t know it yet! 

Engraved keychain or jewelry - Choose a piece of jewelry or a keychain and have something meaningful engraved on it. Maybe her initials. Maybe your family name. Maybe a sentimental word or phrase that is special to the family. Whatever will make her feel special and put a smile on her face every time she looks at it.

Himalayan salt lamp – Have you ever seen one? They are gorgeous! And so calming. Something so pretty and relaxing is definitely a gift your mom didn’t know she wanted...but will love it when she has it! 

Acupressure matt – These things look weird...but have you ever lain on one? Your mom might never want to get up again!

Crafts and painting – Ok, so this sounds like a kids gift idea but hear me out! Anytime we take the time to make crafts or paint a painting, we suddenly realize how relaxing and liberating it can be to just be in the moment and be creative. Getting your mom something that will make her have to take time out for herself to get creative is a fantastic idea – and most probably something she could really use! There are amazing ideas like paint-by-numbers paintings, making your own jewelry or even candle making! 

Writing journal – We know she’s busy and with being busy, she probably doesn’t take the time to get out her thoughts and reflect. A journal will give her a much needed escape to have some ‘her’ time. A beautiful matching pen could top it off nicely! 

Photo printed on canvas - Memories are always appreciated. Why not get her a family photo of a great moment printed on a mounted canvas? You know what they say...a picture says a thousand words.  

At-Home-Spa-Kit – I don’t know any mom that wouldn’t appreciate a spa-like treatment at home. Why not get her a gorgeous spa kit with bath bombs, essential oils, a scented candle and luxurious lotion like Skin MD Natural and Gloves In A Bottle to really make her feel like a queen. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Whatever your budget, you’ll find gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything. It’s the thought you put into it that will mean the most to her. And even though she didn’t ask for it, choosing a gift that’s all about giving her time to relax or unwind will put a smile on her face. If you’re still unsure of what to get, you can always just give her the warmest hug and tell her how much she means to you. That could be the best gift of all. (But something tells me she would appreciate something from the list above too!)

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