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Let’s Celebrate All Things Artsy, Crafts and Lotions

Melissa Marsden

When I was studying in fashion design school, I worked on a variety of projects. Sometimes I would have to put in extra hours just to get the final touches done. The hours were intense and the projects needed careful precision and attention to detail. I noticed that the bobbin was all so very intimidating. The bobbin, of course, is a tool sewers use to thread the sewing machine. However, sometimes using the sewing machine a lot can product dry and rough hands, not to mention those unforeseen callouses. It is recommended that a sewer or crafter uses an after treatment for the manual labor involved. A suggestion would be a great shielding lotion that protects and heals the skin.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, what a great song. I just love the holidays don’t you? Tis the season for Holiday stylists, Etsy enthusiasts, DIY projects, and crafters worldwide. Some of the popular items created include handmade wreaths, handmade stockings, Santa hats and even handmade ornaments. How awesome is that? Whatever crafts you are into, Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion™ has got you covered.

I had the pleasure of receiving a review from full-time crafter Sue Avery. She states that “Gloves in a Bottle works better than other lotions because it is non-greasy and does not need constant application.” This is true and it does not even surprise me mainly because the consistency is light and works great for soothing the skin.

There is an interesting story behind it. Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion™ was discovered in the mining industry. They use their hands a lot and it works like an invisible glove so no need to worry about workplace irritants. What does this have to do with DIY projects? Well, for starters anytime someone is working long hours on projects they are exposed to a wide variety of harmful agents that can seep into the skin. Remember the skin has seven layers. That’s a lot of potential for the irritants to go straight into the body’s system. Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion™ works by repelling anything harmful that is exposed to the skin. It works to restore the skin’s own natural moisturizing process. It does not dry out or strip away the skin’s owns. With that said have fun and enjoy your art projects this holiday season. Whatever you plan on working on whether it’s for re-selling or just family joys, sit back, work hard and have confidence that your hands will not suffer anymore. Use Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion™. Remember a pea-sized drop will suffice, but you can use as little or as much as you would like. Happy Holidays everyone and have a healthy skin season!

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