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Back To School And Dry Hands – What’s Going On?

Words By Martina

Kids are going back to school. Moms and dads can almost not contain their excitement! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell them!) Whether you’re excited because of all the learning they’re going to do – or maybe you’re just excited to have some peace and quiet – going back to school during these unusual circumstances does come with its own challenges – extremely dry skin. We used to never think that going to school had anything to do with the health of our kids’ skin but at the moment, unfortunately it does. Going back to school and dry hands is definitely something a parent wants to stay on top of because it can easily get out of hand (pardon the pun). I’ve seen it happen with my own kids.

Why Are My Child’s Hands So Red?

One of the main focuses at school at the moment is personal hygiene. Kids need to wash their hands countless times a day as well as use hand sanitizer more times than they can count. You send them off to school and when they get home, their poor little hands look red raw! It pulls on a mother’s heart strings! 

While we all understand why they are washing and sanitizing their hands so much at school, their skin doesn’t. Yes, the soaps and hand sanitizers are helping to strip away and keep off potentially harmful bacteria and viruses, but that’s not all they’re stripping away. Our kids’ hands are also being robbed of their own natural moisture and oils, making their hands extremely dry, irritated and inflamed. Not only that, all this hand sanitizing can also bring about eczema flare-ups on their hands. 

The frequent use of all the harsh ingredients we find in soap and hand sanitizers is sapping up all the moisture in their skin, leaving their skin drier than a cactus (and they feel almost as prickly!). They get so dry, in fact, that the fingertips can crack and become quite painful if not taken care of properly. Even more than that, if the skin is so dry and irritated, it’s actually a sign that it’s damaged and if the skin is damaged, it’s not effectively protecting them from keeping unwanted irritants and potential pathogens out. So you see, the idea of keeping their hands moisturized and healthy isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about their actual health and protection too. 

It’s not only the soaps and hand sanitizers that irritate our skin, it’s the water itself that also strips away moisture. Repeatedly getting their hand wet and then drying them just adds to the irritation and level of dehydration. (Poor things!)

What Should I Do?

Don’t look at teachers as being your kids’ skin nemeses. They have to wash their hands just as much as the kids do so they’re in the same boat. While it’s a really annoying side effect of going to school at the moment, the good news is that it’s easy to fix if you have the right product. 

What you need is a shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle that will not only replenish your kids’ hands with the lost moisture and hydration, it will actively protect their skin from future damage. How does it do this, you ask? A shielding lotion is a relatively new technology that creates an invisible shield with the top layer of the skin. This layer offers protection against irritants and pathogens from entering the deeper layers of the skin and causing harm. But why it’s so effective at healing extremely dry and inflamed skin is because it delivers effective hydration to your skin while the shield that it creates actually keeps the skin’s own oils and moisture inside where it belongs. Over time, the skin heals and stays moisturized, even with the continuous use of hand sanitizers and soap. And who said miracles don’t exist?!

I know what you’re thinking. ‘But my kid will have to put hand lotion on every time they wash their hands and I know they’ll never remember to do that.’

In short, no they won’t. Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion is formulated to form a bond with the top layers of the skin which means it won’t wash off. It only comes off with the natural shedding of your skin so it will last for at least 4 hours. If a school day is around 6 hours, lather it on their hands before they leave the house and then they will only need to apply it once during the day. Now that suddenly seems totally doable, doesn't it?

Pop a Tube of Hand Lotion Into Their School Bag

While having a stash of Gloves In A Bottle at home is a great idea – did you know you can buy a gallon bottle of it? – you’ll want to make sure you pack your kid’s bag with their own travel size hand lotion for them to use at school. Kids will have enough to focus on at school that they won’t want to be dealing with dry and uncomfortable skin. The last thing we want is for kids to stop washing their hands because their hands are hurting. Knowing that going back to school and dry hands is a real thing, let’s prevent it by making sure our kids’ little hands are comfortable, healthy and protected. 

And don’t forget to have a coffee and put your feet up on their first day back to school. We all know that you deserve it!

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