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New Shielding Lotion Solves the Four Most Common Causes of Dry Skin

Katya Sobol

Dry skin is an extremely common skin condition that has Americans spending millions of dollars on lotion for dry skin. No one wants to suffer from the uncomfortable itch of dry skin or the unsightly flakes and cracks it can cause.
“It is often a fallacy that only people who work with solvents need a barrier cream like this…” “…Everyday household items like soap can desiccate and dehydrate your skin enough that the natural barrier is broken.”
says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Peter Helton.
Frequent hand washing: Many health care professionals and people in the service industry frequently wash their hands for safety purpose. The constant exposure to water and harsh chemicals usually contained in both common and antibacterial soaps causes dry cracked skin.  Using a shielding lotion that is water resistant and re-applying as directed can help avoid the cracked fingertips from frequent hand washing. Misuse of moisturizers: Many moisturizers only coat skin with a greasy layer of chemicals and do very little to heal your dry skin. Many contain toxic ingredients that actually damage and irritate your skin. The only way to heal dry skin is using a shielding lotion. Shielding lotions strengthen the skin’s own natural barrier and helps protect against irritation, stopping dry skin before it starts. Long hot showers and baths: Nothing is more relaxing, but there is also nothing that will give you dry skin faster. Hot water strips your skin of its own moisturizing oils causing it to become dry and itchy. Instead opt for shorter showers using warm water. But the real answer is to use a shielding lotion to handle dry, cracked skin:
“A shielding lotion is a new kind of lotion. It is a new technology that blends moisturizers with a light silicone material that is like a liquid film. It bonds with the outer layer of the skin and helps keep the skin’s natural protective barrier intact, which keeps the moisture-robbing irritants out and your own natural oils and moisture in,” said Dr. Peter Helton a board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach, California.
Shielding lotions such as Gloves In A Bottle are available in the US and Canada at over 9,500 pharmacies and over 3,000 specialty shops. For more info call 800-600-1881, or visit

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