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Vitamins for Eczema Sufferers – What’s the Link?

Words By Martina

It feels weird to think that your gut and your skin have anything to do with each other since they both have such different roles but they do actually have one important thing in common – they both are there to protect you. If you want to help fight your eczema symptoms, then it might be time to consider vitamins for eczema sufferers.

Do You Need More Than a Multivitamin?

Many of us take some form of vitamins to try to keep our body healthy and complete with nutrients and minerals that we need for strong bones, a healthy immune system and everything in between. We even get our kids to take them. (who can resist those yummy chewable vitamins that taste like candy for breakfast!) But what about our skin? Eczema shows up as a skin disorder and can really be unpleasant so why don’t we make the health of our skin just as much of a priority? Why don’t we look into vitamins on a deeper level than just blindly taking a multivitamin each day?

Internal Problems Cause Extremal Symptoms

The thing is, our body parts and organs all work together. It’s like a chain reaction. If one part is suffering, then it can start to cause problems for other parts of the body and very often when something is wrong, it eventually shows up on our skin. I’m talking about things like celiac disease, diabetes, jaundice and IBD (irritable bowel disease). These conditions originate somewhere else in the body and can end up showing up with symptoms on your skin. You can see why it’s so important to keep your body healthy from the inside in order to keep it looking and feeling healthy on the outside too.

If you want your skin to stay healthy and keep protecting you – after all, that’s what it’s there for – then consider looking into taking vitamins to help with your eczema troubles. When it comes to eczema, some vitamins have shown to have had a positive effect on eczema symptoms and it’s worth looking into what vitamins you might be missing if you suffer from eczema. Vitamins like vitamin B, C, D, E, gamma linoleic acid and flavonoids are some examples of vitamins for eczema sufferers that could be the missing link to soothing your red, itchy skin from the inside out.

Whatever steps you decide to take to heal your body from the inside, remember to also keep taking care of your skin directly with a good skin care routine. Using a shielding lotion can give your skin that extra line of defense when it’s in eczema ‘flare-up mode’ and help to keep its moisture and hydration on the inside where it is needed. So explore the options of vitamins for eczema sufferers, lather on the shielding lotion and hopefully you’ll be saying goodbye to your eczema troubles soon enough!

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