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Be an Office Hero: Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

Melissa Marsden

It is almost Thanksgiving again! Time is moving so fast but I’m sure most of us are okay with it this year. 2020 has been interesting to say the least. But the good news is, the holiday season is here - food, drinks, treats, family, friends and decorations. It is the best part of the year. It is also the part of the year to be the most thankful for what we have in front of us. For a lot of us right now that includes our jobs. Many people have lost their jobs or maybe have had to resign because they do not feel safe in enclosed offices.

Many years ago, giving your employees a Thanksgiving turkey was the thing to do; but now we do not have to be as extravagant. A small token of appreciation would be worth its weight in gold.

Stuck for Ideas? Here Is a List of the Easiest Gifts for Your Employees This Holiday Season:

  1. Candles: who doesn’t love a good smelling candle? Something that smells like the holidays perhaps would be a nice treat. Yes please!
  2. Wine: I always say, wine not? Wine is always a go-to gift. Even if they are not a drinker themselves, they could always re-gift it!
  3. Gift Card: give your employee the choice to shop for themselves or a loved one.
  4. Festive Socks: socks are great - and festive socks are even better. It’s a simple gift that everyone loves.
  5. Hand Sanitizer: self-explanatory during COVID-19, we all need it during this time.
  6. Hand Lotion: we actually need this probably the most right now. Our hands are chapped and with winter coming it is only going to get worse. Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion is a great go-to lotion gift. It is fragrance free, great for eczema, and there’s a fabulous 2oz bottle that fits in anyone’s purse or pocket!
  7. Sweets: yes please from a pie, box of cookies, chocolate brownies, or a basket of fruit – you get where I’m going with this. Food makes anyone happy, it’s a fact!

At the end of the day it’s really the thought that counts. Making your employees feel appreciated and loved is all they want. They keep the company running and they deserve acknowledgment for the work they have done for you throughout the year.

No budget for a gift? A simple “thank you” can go a long way. Be safe and Happy Holidays!

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