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Sticky Hands After Washing

Melissa Marsden

Dirty hands are a symbol of pride. They are the painters palette. Your rough, damaged, grease-stained hands speak volumes. They are the result of a long, hard day at work.

Whether you have spent the day tuning up a motorcycle, planting geraniums in the garden, hiking through the wilderness, or reorganizing your garage, your hands will inevitably take a beating and get rough and dirty. Grease and grime seems to seep into your pores and slides under your fingernails with the desire to take permanent residency on your hands.

Uh-uh, no way you are going to let that happen! You wash and wash and scrub and scratch away the grease with your hand soap and get nowhere. Your hands are still just an image of black and gray.

A common frustration is that greasy hands will feel sticky after you have washed them. It is simply because of the soap you are using. This is because it only cleans the top layer of dirt and does not pull through dirt that has been absorbed in the pores.

If regular soap is not cutting it, here are 2 hand tips; some ways to get the grime off your hands:

  1. Sugar – Yes, raw sugar. Rub it directly on your hands with a little bit of water and massage it until the grease comes off. Typically, you only need one sugar scrub to break up and lift the grease.
  2. Detergent – A gentle detergent works wonders getting that dried-out, crusty, build-up residue off your hands.

After all of that scrubbing, your hands will be exposed to dryness and dehydration - so you must moisturize (that goes for men, too).  Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion is a saving grace. This great hand lotion helps protect your skin’s natural barrier by binding to the outermost layer of skin cells and creating an invisible matrix. Shielding lotions are far more hydrating and will support your long time goal of moisturized skin.

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