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Skin Care Myths and Misconceptions to Avoid

Words By Martina

A lot of skin advice out there is just wrong. There are so many skin care myths and misconceptions floating about that it makes it hard to know what is actually good for your skin! It’s time to debunk some of those myths and replace them with actual facts.

Common Misconceptions About Skin Care

Have you ever read a magazine telling you the ‘10 things you need to do (or not do)’ in order to have perfect skin? It’s those types of articles that can get us all confused because you see, each one of us has different skin and so our skin needs will also differ. What works for one person might not work for someone else. However, there are a few things that apply to all of us when considering how best to care for our skin.

Myth #1: Cloudy Days Don’t Require Sunscreen

If you’re like me, you used to look outside at the weather to think whether or not you need to apply your SPF cream that day. This is wrong! Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s UV rays are present and can damage your skin. We need to remember that while the sun’s UVB rays are responsible for causing tanning and skin burns, it’s the UVA rays that go deeper into the skin, causing premature aging or even cancer. It is estimated that up to 80% of the sun’s UVA rays can pass through clouds¹ so even if it’s an overcast day, remember to slap on that SPF if you plan on spending any time outside. Don’t forget to wear SPF on your hands too!

Myth #2: You Need Antibacterial Soap to Keep Your Hands Clean

We’ve all seen the array of anti-bacterial hand soaps in the stores and we just automatically assume that they are better than the ‘regular’ hand soaps. Wrong again! Did you know that it’s the actual rubbing and scrubbing of the hands that will get rid of the dirt and bacteria and not the soap itself?

Our skin naturally has bacteria on it and no amount of scrubbing will keep them 100% bacteria free. Some experts even believe that using antibacterial soap could lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.² This is something that we don’t want so next time you need to buy soap, know that regular soap is just as effective at keeping your hands clean.

One thing to remember is that washing your hands can cause them to feel dry and irritated so it’s best to use a good hand moisturizer like Gloves In A Bottle to keep your skin’s natural oils and moisture locked in.

Myth #3: Popping Pimples Will Help Them Heal Faster

We’ve all been there. We see that giant pimple on our face and we just want to squeeze it because, after all, no one wants to look at a pimple on their face for longer than they have to. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you shouldn’t do. 

While it can be tempting, when you squeeze a pimple, what you don’t see is that more often than not, you’re squeezing some of that pus deeper into your skin. This can spread the inflammation under the skin and even cause scarring.³ Resist the urge to pop that pimple and your future skin will thank you for it.

Myth #4: Expensive Skin Care Products Are Better

If we can learn anything about skin care it’s that a higher price doesn't always mean a better product. Oftentimes we are paying for the look of the brand and the packaging, the feel of the product as well as the luxurious smell of the product rather than the actual benefits the product brings to our skin. This doesn’t mean that expensive products aren’t good. What it simply means is that you can often get the same quality and results from more mass-market products as you can from exclusive boutique-style products.The best way to know what you’re paying for is to check out the ingredients list to see if the price is really worth it.

What Now?

Before you make a change to your skin care routine, check to make sure that what you are doing will actually benefit your skin. With all the skin care myths and misconceptions out there, avoid falling into the trap of believing something that isn’t actually doing your skin any favors. Whenever in doubt, do your own research to find out the truth.






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