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Attention All Nurses: Dry Hands Can Be Eradicated!

Words By Martina

Dry hands. Peeling Hands. Cracked hands. Eczema covered hands. Does this sound like you? And are you a nurse, by any chance? The reason I ask is that in a recent study where over 700 nurses were surveyed, 47.3% of them were found to have some form of occupational skin disease.1 That’s almost half of all the nurses! It’s no wonder that nurses’ dry hands are a real issue that needs to be dealt with. 

Let’s think about a nurse’s job and all the things that put their hands at risk on a daily basis. For one, they often work long, gruelling hours. During these long shifts they are exposed to so many things that irritate their hands like different medications, latex gloves, cleaning and disinfecting products, needles, lancets1 and we haven’t even mentioned the soap and hand sanitizers! Nurses need to wash and disinfect their hands almost constantly so that they don’t cross contaminate between patients. And since their shifts can be so long, their hands never seem to get much of a break. I think it’s pretty easy to see why so many nurses are plagued by allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis1. Not fun!

Not only is it not fun, it’s uncomfortable, even painful and can be embarrassing for nurses with eczema on their hands. I’m pretty sure that cracked hands or hands peeling isn’t the look you’re going for when you’re taking care of your patients!

What Do Nurses Use For Dry Hands?

For a job that has so many responsibilities and the health and wellbeing of their patients being their main concern, a nurse can’t use products that could cause irritation or complications at work. This means that greasy, oily products are out of the question because a nurse can’t perform her duties if her hands are sliding all over the place! She also can’t walk around in eczema gloves to protect her skin because she needs her hands accessible to do her job. 

So, what do nurses use for dry hands you ask? A simple and effective solution is Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion. I know what you’re thinking. A lotion is not enough for hands that dry. But think again! Gloves In A Bottle isn’t just any lotion – it’s a shielding lotion that is specifically formulated for the driest and most sensitive of hands. It creates a magical-like layer when it bonds with your skin cells that keeps all those irritating ingredients and hazards out of your skin but keeps your oils and moisture in. If you’re a nurse, you’ll want that protection but you’ll want your skin to be able to breathe and stay moisturized. And...just in case you need another reason, it’s so safe and gentle that it has been approved for use in hospitals and even in operating rooms! 

If you’re a nurse with dry hands, this is the lotion that just might save the day...every day! 


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