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How to Create the Best New Mom Care Package!

Words By Martina

Becoming a mom is one of the most precious moments in life. If you’ve had children, I can almost guarantee that you agree with me when I say that becoming a parent is a quantum leap in terms of milestones! What about when someone else becomes a mom for the first time? How can we make that transition as easy and enjoyable as possible for them? Getting a new mom care package together doesn’t have to be rocket science. It can be a simple and enjoyable task, even. Just let me show you how!

Becoming a New Mom

Becoming a mom for the first time is a mixture of all sorts of feelings – excitement, joy, love, fear, worry, can pretty much list every emotion you can think of, and a new mom will almost certainly experience it. I know I did! Anything you can do to help her manage her new life and responsibilities will be a welcoming gift – trust me! She’ll be tired (that’s putting it mildly), she’ll be emotional, and she’ll be overwhelmed. Friends and family can help with that to make the process as magical and peaceful as possible.

What To Put in a Care Package For a New Mom

Ok, so one of your best friends has just had her first baby and you want to get her the perfect gift, the perfect care package to start her beautiful journey as a mom. But what is that perfect care package you’re looking for? Take it from me – you won’t find it in a shop. The perfect care package is something you need to put together but it doesn't have to be daunting or hard. 

Here are some great ideas of what to get to create the best new mom care package:

  • Her favorite snack – she will be hungry and will want her comfort food. Don’t worry about it having to be healthy – no new mom wants a salad!
  • Lotion – women can experience postpartum dry skin which can be uncomfortable so a good lotion like Skin MD Natural will help to relieve any symptoms
  • A diary or journal – the first part of becoming a new mom can be so daunting that we often forget the precious moments in the early days. A diary will give her a place to write down things she won’t want to forget, like baby's first smile or laugh (or even how frustrated she is at getting 2 hours of sleep last night!). They will all make for good memories one day!
  • Wireless headphones – baby is sleeping but mom wants to watch her favorite show while she has a moment to herself. Wireless headphones will be her hero so baby won’t hear a thing!
  • Audiobook membership – gone (for a little while, anyways) are the days of sitting around with time to read a book. Listening to a book will let mom still get into her favorite stories and characters without needing the time to sit down and concentrate.
  • Cozy pajamas – there will be plenty of lying around just ogling her new baby. Let her do it in new, cozy pajamas.
  • Thermos coffee/tea mug – when she’s stuck on the couch, feeding her precious baby, she won’t have to get up and make herself a new cup of tea after because it’s gone cold. In fact, some of these thermoses will keep her tea hot all day!
  • Food delivery gift card – cooking lavish meals will definitely be on the backburner for a while. Food delivery services will be a welcomed treat at the end of an exhausting day!
  • Gift card for cleaning services – with a new baby there is barely enough time to eat and go to the bathroom, let alone vacuum and dust! Letting her have the luxury of a cleaner come in to do the chores in the early days will be a complete life saver.
  • A baby wrap – if she doesn’t already have one, a baby wrap can literally be a mom’s superpower. She can hold and soothe the baby while moving around and getting on with things. A baby wrap can even help with skin-to-skin positions.
  • A bath set - just to remind her that she still deserves some time to relax on her own and that it’s important that she unwinds from time to time. 

Hopefully you already realized that you’re not expected to get ALL of these things! These are just some ideas of gifts to put in your new mom care package that a new mom would appreciate. Life will be forever changed so think about what will make her life easier for now. Getting a great care package will also secretly help you feel useful and helpful - but shhhh! This isn’t about you, it’s about her for now. (wink wink)

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