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Keep Your Hands Soft Even When Living on the Edge

Melissa Marsden

Something about driving on the open road just hits a sweet spot for most people, but when you’re on the back of a motorcycle this feeling can be multiplied. It gives you a euphoric-like feeling and you can almost feel your problems melt away. Enjoying this feeling on your bike may come with a price though. Even though you feel one with the road, you are highly exposed to the environment.

Layer up for the Colder Season

As the weather is getting colder, it is essential to layer up. Creating layers will not only help create a better protective barrier for you but it will also help keep you warmer. Just keep in mind when creating layers that they don’t restrict your movement while riding. If you’re trying to avoid a foggy helmet visor, it may be best to invest in a neck warmer that covers your mouth and nose, get anti-fog wipes or get an anti-fog protective skin for it.

Prep for the Warmer Months

When the warmer weather comes, it is so tempting to “strip” down when riding, but you shouldn’t necessarily strip down your gear to shorts and a tank top. Instead you should dress smarter. A lot of motorcycle gear is thick, heavy and poorly ventilated. In the summer months you may be better off switching your gear to jeans with a Kevlar fabric lining. This will still allow some good protection if there were an accident, but it is much safer than wearing shorts. When it comes to picking out the rest of your gear, finding a ventilated helmet, jacket and gloves will help protect you and keep you cooler.

Another important tip for the summer is to stay hydrated. Hydrating with water regularly will also keep you feeling replenished and focused. When you’re dehydrated you raise the chance of becoming lightheaded and tired, which can put you at a higher risk of an accident.

How to Care for Your Skin All Year Round 

While riding a motorcycle you are exposed to all the different elements. During the winter months our skin struggles to retain moisture because the air is so dry and this causes our skin to become chapped and dry. Then in the summer months our skin can become irritated because it is blocked up with sweat.

Adding an effective moisturizer to your routine can help dramatically improve your skin health and help prevent skin damage. You can try adding a shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle to your daily routine. Shielding lotions create a protective barrier on the top layer of skin and this barrier can help lock moisture into the skin. This protective barrier can help give you that winter hand protection you need. Despite what most people think, UV exposure is an issue all year round; adding Gloves In A Bottle SPF 15 will give you the benefits of the original formula plus the extra UV protection that you need when you ride.

Bottom Line

When enjoying the open road on your motorcycle be smart in what you choose to wear, keep a small stash of water for hydration and take care of your skin. Hopefully these tips will help with keeping you safe and your skin healthy while riding.

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