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“Latex” Gloves vs “Liquid” Gloves

Melissa Marsden

April 2, 2020. Montrose, California ​According to the NY Post, wearing latex gloves to protect yourself from COVID-19 may actually be more harmful.

There is a general belief that wearing gloves can reduce the chance of you getting infected with the deadly virus; however, this is far from the truth. Gloves will protect your hands from coming in contact with possible infectious droplets; however, the surface of the glove is still highly contaminated, and will remain on the surface for hours. This means that anything you touch with these gloves has most definitely also been contaminated.

“Gloves are an essential resource for the medical community, and must be handled correctly, in order for them to be effective​”​ says Dr. Helton. “If the user is not experienced with the appropriate removal of gloves to avoid contamination of hands and other surfaces, it can be a false sense of hygiene, which can have detrimental effects.” he continues.

His advice is not to rely on gloves, but instead to wash your hands with soap and water regularly, and apply a protective hand lotion that will preserve the integrity of your skin. Gloves In a Bottle was invented specifically for this purpose and is what Dr. Helton recommends to all of his patients.

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