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Kiwi Skin Care – Mother Nature Does It Again

Words By Martina

Going natural is all the rage at the moment and this includes your skin care. Gone are the days of people not being interested in what a product was made of as long as it worked. We are now more interested in what ingredients we are putting in our bodies as well as on our skin. The kiwi is a great (and delicious) example. It’s not only healthy to eat but it’s also fantastic for our skin. So what is kiwi skin care?

The Goodness of the Kiwi

Kiwis are full of goodness. These little fuzzy fruits are filled with vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, potassium, fiber and antioxidants.1 What’s not to like? 

What about our skin? If kiwis are so good to eat, what can it do for our skin?

As we know, eating a healthy diet with lots of needed vitamins and nutrients helps keep our skin healthy from within. But did you know that putting kiwi or kiwi extract on your skin has been found to be beneficial too? But hold tight before you go cutting a kiwi in half and rubbing it all over you. I assure you, you’ll be feeling a bit sticky if you do this. There are better ways to get the benefits like looking for skin care products that have vegan-friendly kiwi or kiwi extract in them.

Here are a few of the benefits that kiwi might bring to your skin:

  • Firmer skin2
  • Soft skin2
  • Smoother skin2
  • Younger looking skin2
  • Stimulate collagen growth3
  • A potent antioxidant3
  • Protection from free radicals3
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation3
  • Brighten the skin3

Because of their high amounts of vitamin C, kiwis help your body to produce more collagen which helps to keep your skin firm and younger looking2 by keeping that sag at bay. If you have any cuts or grazes, the vitamin C helps to heal those too. 

The high doses of vitamin E has also been found to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays and looks promising at protecting it from certain types of skin cancer.2

Antioxidants are great for warding off damage caused by free radicals. And we all know that this helps to protect our skin from premature ageing. We all want to look as young as possible, right?

The Benefits of Natural Ingredients

At Skin MD Natural, they’re great believers in using natural ingredients that mother nature intended us to use whenever we can. Their products are filled with natural botanicals and planet-friendly ingredients so they can’t help but share when they learn of new, natural ingredients that can benefit your skin. The great kiwi is no exception. Keep slicing it up and adding it to your salads and smoothies but don’t forget about the benefits it can have in skin care too. Be on the lookout for the goodness of kiwi skin care and how it can help your skin look its best.




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