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Let’s Talk About How to Organize Lotions and Perfumes

Gloves In A Bottle

What a weird topic, you might be thinking. And yes, it’s not your typical trending topic of conversation, but if you’re a mom like me, then you most likely need your life to be as organized as possible. My life is busy enough. I don’t want to be wasting my time or energy on things I don’t have to so if I can keep the little things organized, it helps to keep the bigger picture more calm. Let’s talk about how to organize lotions and perfumes to create the smoothest day possible in your household.

Where Do You Keep Your Lotions?

If you’re a mom, one thing you have learned is that a mom can’t live without lotion. Whether it’s for our own dry skin, our kids or for on-the-go, most of us could probably start our own skin care treatment centre with all the skin care products we have. Think about all the small bottles of lotions lying around your home (yes, those little bottles you took from the hotels count!) and the perfumes and oils you have, too. Where are they all? If I were to guess, they’re probably all stashed in your main bathroom. This seems to make sense on a logical level, doesn’t it? I mean, beauty products and skin care products belong in a bathroom, don’t they? 

But...before I actually answer that question, let’s go through a typical day.

A Typical Day

In the morning, I’ll get dressed, wash my face, put on my face lotion and under eye cream (shhh, don’t tell anyone) before I start to apply my make-up. Having those lotions upstairs in my bathroom makes sense to me.

I’ll go down and have breakfast, get my kids’ bags packed for school and get what I need ready for the day. If I’m totally honest, I might also have a few dishes to finish cleaning from the night before but who’s judging! At this point, I want to put on my Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion so that my hands are soft, moisturized and protected for at least the next 4 hours. Do I want to walk all the way upstairs to get my hand lotion? Nope. I’d rather have it right there, in the kitchen, where I need it.

It’s time to feed the kids and get them ready for school. Before we head out the door, I apply some Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion on them too to protect their sensitive little hands from all that hand washing and sanitizing at school. (I’m so glad I don’t have to walk all the way upstairs again to do that.) If it’s spring or summer, I lather on some SPF on their arms, faces and legs – whatever is exposed – and off we go. Do I want to keep my SPF lotion upstairs, too? No, because that’s not where I use it most. If you use Skin MD Natural face lotion with SPF, your face is already protected. Win!

I like to put my perfume on just before I head out the door. Why? Because when I put it on in the morning when I’m getting ready, the kids will tell me the house stinks! Kids...they just don’t understand a good smell. If it doesn’t smell like pizza or cookies, they don’t like it. Sigh...

I always make sure to have a travel-sized lotion in my purse too for on-the-go moisture.

At night, I wash my face, apply my lotion and get ready for bed. Having my night time creams and lotions in the bathroom where I get ready for bed works for me. In my bedside table, I have a tube of Gloves In A Bottle lotion that I apply before bed to keep my hands soft and moisturized. (Yes, I’ve also left a few unfinished dishes in the kitchen again. Oops!)

What Works Best for You?

If we think back to the question I asked about if beauty and skin care products belong in the bathroom, what seemed to be a logical answer now suddenly doesn’t seem to make that much sense anymore. What makes more sense is keeping your products where you actually use them most. They don’t have to all be in the same place to feel organized. What makes life feel even more organized is anything that saves time and energy and keeping my perfumes and lotions where I need them makes the most sense to me. 

To decide how to organize lotions and perfumes, go through your day, figure out what products you use where and when, and keep them where they make the most sense for your daily routine. There isn’t a right or wrong. There’s only what’s right for you and your lifestyle.

And if I can give you one separate little tip, don’t buy a perfume that smells like pizza or cookies just to please your kids! Choose your own smell and they’ll eventually get used to it!

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