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Hands Cracking and Bleeding

Melissa Marsden

Hands Cracking and Bleeding

Dry and chapped hands can be very painful and could even get worse in the colder months. If your skin is cracking around your fingers and joints it can be because of contact allergies or from washing your hands too much without a moisturizer.

Dry skin may be caused by:

  • Cold weather – low humidity and low temperatures can dry out skin
  • Hot water – showering or washing dishes in hot water can strip your skin’s moisture
  • Medication – extreme dryness can be a side effect of some medications
  • Eczema – a skin condition that can cause itchiness and redness. Common symptoms for eczema are:
    • Peeling
    • Rough and scaly
    • Intense itching
    • Blisters
    • Flaking
  • Psoriasis – an immune dysfunction that makes your skin cells grow too fast. When the extra cells build up, the skin will become scaly. Psoriasis causes:
    • Red patches
    • Itching
    • White scales
  • Diabetic neuropathy - cracked heels are common with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. So that condition can cause diabetic neuropathy or cause nerve damage due to diabetes
  • Chapped lips – when they are dry they can crack, flake, become swollen, itchy, or sore

Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion will be your saving grace! It is a lotion that repairs your hands from the severe cracking and dryness.

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★★★★★ Life changing product!!

I'm a dental hygienist, my hands are washed easily a hundred times a day and in and out of gloves constantly. When the bitter cold winter months come around my hands are dry, cracked, red and angry. It's incredibly painful but most lotions are too greasy and fragranced while the lighter ones aren't moisturizing enough. THIS LOTION IS A GAME CHANGER. It's light and unscented but leaves my skin so silky, soft and moisturized. My skin isn't in agony at work all day. It's actually helped to heal my skin and not just moisturize it temporarily. My skin is super sensitive also and this hasn't aggravated it at all. I'm so thankful for this product. It's an absolute lifesaver!!! - Chelsea

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