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Hand Shield Liquid Gloves Review

Melissa Marsden

Long before online shopping started to take-off, fans of Gloves In A Bottle would mail in hand-written letters of love sharing their hand shield liquid gloves review stories, and real photographs documenting their experiences. These real stories of healing and gratitude for this healing lotion helped the business owners to carry on and continue to improve upon their business. Now, with their online presence building, so have their online reviews.

The most trusted source of information and advice for most people is hearing from our friends and family – but when they are not familiar with something we need, then the next thing is hearing from similar people in the form of reviews. The popularity of reviews have grown exponentially over the last few decades and are the reason for many successful e-commerce businesses, namely Amazon. A one-stop shop for all your needs with millions of reviews to give you a relatively reliable source of product quality.

Gloves In A Bottle currently has over 2000 reviews with a rating for 4.7 stars – and if you ever have time to read some of these reviews, you will be amazed (although we are not surprised).

Here a couple of stories we think are worth sharing:

Lynn Sledge Review

Lynn Sledge

This product does exactly what is says it will do. It helps to retain your natural moisture which results in smoother hands that are not dry. It provides a second skin barrier and does not wash off. It is fragrance and colorant free, hypo-allergenic and recommended by dermatologists. I am 74 and the skin on my hands is thin, but my skin is soft and supple – not tight, irritated or dry. The best way to experience this product is to try it yourself and see what a difference it will make on your skin. I have used this product for several years, but this is the first time I purchased it from Amazon. I am a Prime Member – I love the fast and efficient service you always receive when ordering online from Amazon.

Anonymous Hand shield review lotion


My brother who lives in Indiana was bragging on his bottle of “liquid love” – he has multiple bottles, one for work, a couple in different places at the house and he swears that he no longer has dry skin splits. I’m in Arizona, and finger tips with splitting skin is “normal”. I’ve tried countless different hand lotions, creams, even liquid band aid and the splits continue to appear, take forever to heal. Washing your hands it is uncomfortable. At my brothers urging I purchased Glovesinabottle to test this so called “miracle” product. Within 24 hours, I could “feel” something bridging the gap on my split finger and it no longer was painful to use when typing/washing. I am up to Day 3 now – and it is healing rapidly. I am grateful that my brother found this product and urged me to try it. I think he was correct in calling it “liquid love”.

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