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Hand Lotion with SPF: Trust Me, You Need It!

Words By Martina

You wouldn’t think twice about going to the beach for the day without bringing along some sunscreen – so why do we treat our hands differently? Why don’t we religiously pack hand lotion with SPF as we do our usual sunscreen? Why do we take the health of our hands for granted even though they are constantly exposed to the sun whenever we are outside? It just doesn’t make sense but I think that comes down to the fact that we just don’t think about it. We forget about the health of our hands until, quite often, it’s too late! Well guess what? I’m here to remind you of just how important our hands are and why we need to protect them more!

The SPF Obsession

The world seems to be obsessed with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) products. You can find facial moisturizers, lip balms, hair products, sunscreens and even SPF make-up and cosmetics! SPF formulas are everywhere – and rightly so.

The damage that the sun can do to our skin (and hair!) should be enough to make us want to protect it. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays has such an impact on the health of our skin – and I’m not talking about that lovely holiday tan! Exposing our skin to the sun over time can cause sunburns and skin damage, wrinkles and premature ageing, freckles and skin discoloration (think liver spots and age spots), it can zap our skin’s moisture and I haven’t even mentioned the ‘C’ word yet! Cancer is a big reason why we should all be protecting our skin from sun damage. But on a more day-to-day basis and probably one of the main reasons why we indulge in SPF products is that no one wants to look 50 when they’re only 39, am I right?

Our Hands Keep Us Looking Young

It makes no sense to try to keep our faces looking young but let our hands give away our real age! (*wink wink*) Our hands are always visible and keeping them healthy and protected is just as helpful at keeping us feeling young and youthful as is looking after the health of the skin on our face. A hand lotion with SPF will help to protect your hands from sun damage – which, by the way, doesn’t show up overnight. Sunburns are a direct warning that damage is being done to our skin (think of it as a loud warning bell going off!) but most other signs of damage show up after years of sun exposure and by then it’s usually too late to reverse the damage. 

We want our hands looking young (yes!) but we also want them to feel healthy, safe and protected. Gloves In A Bottle is not only an awesome hand lotion that provides active skin repair and protects your skin from irritants, it also comes in an SPF formula so that it can protect your hands from the sun too! I mean, what more could you want from a hand lotion?

The next time you head out in the sun, make sure to slap on some hand lotion with SPF and let your hands help keep you feeling young and protected.

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