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Hand Eczema Solution for Healthcare Workers

Melissa Marsden

If you work in the healthcare industry and you have hand eczema, you are not alone. Studies show that a good number of healthcare workers are prone to hand dermatitis — and this is especially true for people working inpatient care units. The goal of this article is to show you how to cure hand eczema as a healthcare worker. But before that, let’s consider the top reasons why healthcare professionals are prone to this skin condition.

nurse hand washing

What causes hand eczema among healthcare workers?

The first culprit is regular hand washing. Ideally, hand washing is good hygiene because it is the best way to disinfect your hands from bacteria and harmful chemicals. However, hand washing becomes a problem when done too often — and on average, healthcare workers wash 50-100 times daily. Some go beyond that range in a single day. This consistent hand washing and drying leads to skin dryness. It also wears the protective outer layer of the skin, thereby exposing it to cracks, fissures, and bacteria infection.

The second most common cause of hand eczema among healthcare workers is surprisingly hand gloves. Like water, hand gloves aren’t in themselves terrible. Matter of fact, they were invented to protect healthcare workers from harmful conditions. But some persons have skins that are sensitive to the latex or rubber additives in gloves. This causes skin irritation and rashes. Apart from skin sensitivity, it is equally possible to experience irritation if hand gloves are too tight. This type of irritation results from constantly wearing and removing the tight gloves.

Healthcare workers can prevent eczema in this situation if they change the size or brand of hand gloves they are using. But you will need to take additional steps if you already have eczema on your hands.

There are different steps involved in curing hand eczema. You could cut down on water washing, start using powered gloves [even] at home, or you could take medication. All those are good, but they are only secondary because, in themselves, they can’t stop your skin from being dry and chappy. You need a lotion that is capable of restoring the natural protective qualities of your skin. This is what shielding lotions will do for you.


do you wash your hands all day long

What makes a Shielding Lotion different from all conventional moisturizers in the market?

Conventional moisturizers only mask the skin on the surface, which is why you sometimes find that your skin becomes more dry hours or a few days after using a conventional moisturizer. You can save yourself from this by using shielding lotions.

Shielding lotion-like Gloves In A Bottle is the ideal eczema cure for healthcare workers. Below are unscripted testimonials from some of our customers who use Gloves In A Bottle.

“As a Registered Nurse, I have been using Gloves in a bottle for years. My hands are in gloves and being washed at least 50 times a day. Gloves in a bottle protect my hands from dryness and chapping. I reapply throughout the day as needed. It is not sticky and dry without the feeling of something on your hands. I will recommend this product to my coworkers, including where and from whom I bought this on Amazon. Thank You so much.”
– Myron
“I’m a dental hygienist; my hands are washed easily a hundred times a day and in and out of gloves constantly. When the bitter cold winter months come around, my hands are dry, cracked, red, and angry. It’s incredibly painful, but most lotions are too greasy and fragranced, while the lighter ones aren’t moisturizing enough. THIS LOTION IS A GAME CHANGER. It’s light and unscented but leaves my skin so silky, soft, and moisturized. My skin isn’t in agony at work all day. It’s actually helped to heal my skin and not just moisturize it temporarily. My skin is super sensitive also, and this hasn’t aggravated it at all. I’m so thankful for this product. it’s an absolute lifesaver!!!”
– Chelsea
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