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Hand Eczema Flare – Ups Are During Winter Month

Melissa Marsden

The weather is usually harsh during winter months. And this greatly affects the skin. As you will see shortly, it’s not just the weather that affects the skin, it’s usually our reaction to winter.


The outer layer of the skin is so sensitive it picks and reacts to little changes in temperature and humidity, and the most common signs of this are skin irritation and itching. Even people who don’t have eczema sometimes experience skin irritation during winter.

Here’s why. The weather is cold, so the humidity is equally down. In order to be comfortable, we try to make our rooms warm, take our baths with hot water, and wear thick clothing, among other things.

The result of this is that we’re constantly moving from warm and comfortable rooms to the cold and uncomfortable weather outside. This polar is what the skin reacts to. And if you have hand eczema before winter, you will find that it gradually begins to flare up. The redness increases, the itching becomes unbearable and it’s often painful.

We certainly can’t stop winter months from coming, but we can do something to protect our skin. Below are a few tips for controlling hand eczema flare-ups in winter.

How to control hand eczema flare -ups in winter months

For winter eczema, use a heavy moisturizer or shielding lotion to deliver the moisture and hydration your skin needs to repair itself. A shielding lotion will create a breathable, protective seal that will lock in your skin’s own oils and moisture, allowing the inflammation to heal. Overnight, apply a thick ointment or cream to give your skin a deep moisturizing treatment and always wear gloves outside to protect your skin from the harsh weather.

With any eczema flare-up, you always want to do two things; First, protect your skin from being irritated any further and secondly, help heal the skin that is already damaged.

Eczema lives on the skin, nose and sometimes on the hand, this is why it’s practically inevitable to prevent its transfer. During winter, the hands and feet are the prime targets of eczema triggers. This is why these parts of the body should be given extra care every day.

1. Take warm baths

Avoid taking hot baths during this time, the heat will make your skin to become dry. Use warm water instead. After taking your bath, be careful when drying your skin with a towel because you could bruise your eczema. A better alternative is to pat your skin dry.

2. Control temperature and humidity

You can raise the humidity in your home and office using humidifiers or simply by placing a bowl of water somewhere in the corner of the room. The latter is a cheap alternative that can work perfectly well, but you have to change the water and wash the bowl regularly to avoid bacteria. It’s tempting to sit close to fire or use heavy duvets during this time, but know that extreme temperature can cause skin dryness and this will make your hand eczema to flare up. Instead of duvets, use layers so you can have more control over the temperature.

Additionally, you can wear heavy clothing, but avoid fibers such as wool and nylon which can irritate your skin.

3. Use Gloves IN A Bottle Hand Shielding Lotion – relief for hand eczema and psoriasis

GLOVES IN A BOTTLE is a fascinating shielding lotion that is just like wearing protective gloves but in this case, you’re not putting fiber gloves in your hands; you’re rather applying a powerful shielding lotion. This lotion has been recommended by 9500 dermatologists and has thousands of reviews testifying the efficiency of the product.

gloves in a bottle for winter


Gloves In A Bottle bond with the dead cells on the surface of your skin to give you a long-lasting impression which in turn guarantees adequate protection of the deep skin layers. This shielding lotion also procreates a new outer layer that helps prevent the loss of natural oil and moisture; supports skin and improves the overall ability of the epidermis to protect the inner cell layers. Gloves In A Bottle have been tested and used by thousands of people who have testified about the worth and quality compared to other conventional lotions or moisturizers. The natural moisturizing effects of Gloves In A Bottle will leave your skin soft and supple! 

before and after eczema treatment

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