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Eczema On the Face: Change Your Skin Story

Words By Martina

Having any sort of visible skin condition on the face is always a hard thing to deal with. You can’t hide your face – unless you live in the Arctic Circle and can get away with wearing a balaclava all year round! For the rest of us, having a condition like eczema on our face can be a real challenge in life.

Eczema can show up anywhere and wherever it is, it’s never pleasant. It can make your skin extremely dry and flaky, red, itchy, inflamed and uncomfortable. In some places it’s easier to hide but on your face, it’s visible to anyone and it can really shake people’s confidence. Growing up, my dad always suffered with eczema, particularly on his face, and he spent his life spreading all sorts of creams, ointments and unknown concoctions on his face. Some seemed to help temporarily but nothing really did the trick. 

If he had known about products like Skin MD Natural when he was growing up, I can only imagine his skin story having a very different plot! Unfortunately, it wasn’t around yet when he needed it.

The symptoms would make the skin around his eyes get itchy and inflamed, it would swell up and get all flaky. He literally looked like someone who was allergic to pollen and had just rubbed his face in a field of flowers. I mean, he suffered. And it seemed like he tried everything. He changed his diet and eliminated some foods that he thought might be triggering his eczema. He ate more probiotics to try to help soothe his eczema. He stopped using certain products thinking they might be aggravating his skin even more. He used humidifiers to help keep the air from drying out his skin and he even went to see specialist doctors to try to find a solution. Yes, some things seemed to help but nothing was effective enough to make it go away.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is a lotion specifically designed for sensitive skin and skin that suffers from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or acne. The lotion creates an invisible protective barrier with the top layer of skin cells that prevents the skin’s own moisture from escaping. While it does this, it also protects the skin from any outside irritants that could trigger the skin to be irritated and flare-up. But it’s different to other barrier creams and lotions because a shielding lotion still allows for your skin to breathe naturally and it goes on without feeling greasy so it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

With eczema, your skin can get so dry that it’s tempting to use the heaviest hand lotion on your face to counteract the dehydration – but don’t do this. Make sure you use a lotion that is formulated for the more delicate and sensitive skin on your face.

I often wonder what my dad’s face would have been like if he had had a product like Skin MD Natural when his skin was at its worst. It wasn’t fun to watch him suffer even though it became his experience of ‘normal’ and he got used to having it. But I’m also unbelievably grateful that I didn’t seem to inherit his skin genetics! Few! Ifyou’re currently suffering from eczema on the face, try a shielding lotion like Skin MD Natural and see if you can change the plot of your skin story too!

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