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New Parent Eczema Is Real

Melissa Marsden

When you become a new parent all you want to do is hug, squeeze and play with your new bundle of joy.  These are the easy parts of being a new parent because you have this instant connection with your baby and you just can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately there are some struggles of being a new parent that many are bound to experience. Bottles constantly need to be washed, diapers need to be changed, your home still needs to stay clean, more laundry needs to be done and let’s not even get started with how long it takes to fold all those never ending piles of little baby clothes. The point is during the early years of being parents your baby needs extra attention. This means there are new, additional tasks that parents need to handle.  These tasks can take a toll on you physically and emotionally.

Now that your baby is in the picture,  keeping yourself and your home clean feels more essential than ever. This need has caused more and more new parents to start struggling with new skin issues that they have never had to deal with.  Dry, cracked, itchy and inflamed skin has taken over their hands, arms and other parts of their bodies. Some doctors coined this term “new parent eczema”.

How is this a thing and how do new parents deal with it?  This new parent skin issue is a thing because every time we dive our hands into that warm soapy water to wash our hands or to wash bottles, we are breaking down our skin barrier. This barrier is the top layer of your skin and its main function is to protect your body from irritants, bacteria and to help your skin retain moisture. When your skin barrier becomes damaged, your skin becomes dry and cracked; this leaves you more susceptible to skin conditions like eczema.

The best way to treat your new-parent's-skin condition is to help your skin naturally retain moisture and to keep your skin barrier healthy. You could try wearing eczema gloves. Baby probably won’t like the way those feel though. One of the simpler options is to add a moisturizer to your daily routines.  If you add a shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle to your daily routine it could help with protecting and repairing your skin barrier. Shielding lotions bond with your skin to create a barrier that can help protect your skin from the skin drying effects from over washing and it works with your body’s own natural oils to help retain moisture in the skin.

See how it has helped Dakota who was a new parent struggling with new skin issues.

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