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Dry Hands from Cardboard

Melissa Marsden

I can’t be the only one that was shopping 24/7 during quarantine, right? It was the only thing that kept me from going absolutely insane - although my savings has been wiped out. With all of the boxes I have received from online shopping I definitely know the feeling of breaking down boxes every day and getting dry hands from cardboard. With the holiday season rolling around that means wrapping presents, ordering gifts online, warehouse workers working longer hours and parents or teachers preparing arts and crafts with the kids. So our hands are going to get even more dry than they already are with the weather changing.

Itchy and Dry Hands?

A lot of times when dealing with cardboard your hands will become particularly itchy. The reason is because most cardboard is made up of pulp, from rough materials like waste fibers, hay, grass and other waste materials. The sweat from body parts comes in contact with the cardboard and mixes salty chemicals and residue on the surface of the cardboard and irritates the skin. Cardboard allergies are a type of contact dermatitis. Some of the symptoms of cardboard allergy are redness, itching, blistering and flaking of the skin.

So What’s the Solution?

Itchiness and dryness go hand in hand. If you’re itchy, chances are your skin will become dry, from the itching. Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion is a type of lotion that bonds with the outermost layer of skin cells which then improves the skin’s ability to retain its natural oils and moisture and also protects the skin from irritants and allergens. Your conventional lotion is an artificial moisturizer. When you apply those types of lotions to the skin, it is only temporarily masking the symptoms of dry skin.

“Dry, itchy skin is nature’s way of letting you know that this protective barrier has been stripped away,” Dr. Peter Helton, Board Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon, Newport Beach, CA.

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