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Dermatologist recommended hand lotion for nurses

A nurse’s hands deserve the best treatment, as they undergo a great deal in one single shift. As a nurse, you are likely to use a hand sanitizer, and wash your hands multiple times in just one shift. 

This will inevitably lead to dry, cracked and often irritated skin which can be further irritated with the frequent use of latex gloves. Broken and even bleeding skin is quite common, and therefore a hand lotion for nurses is a must-have.

Although there are countless popular hand lotions for nurses on the market that may offer temporary relief with some moisturizing benefits, a shielding lotion is what most dermatologists recommend to remedy dry cracked hands.

A shielding lotion works differently to other hand lotions recommended for nurses , by creating an invisible shield on the outermost layer of the skin. This ensures that the hands are protected or guarded from external irritants such as alcohol-based sanitizers, harsh soaps, overwashing and even latex gloves which lead to more irritation. 

As the product is designed with medical professionals in mind, it is free from allergens, and non greasy so that a nurse can continue with their shift immediately. It also instantly absorbs onto the skin to provide the fastest relief for dry, irritated skin. 

Finding the best hand lotion for a nurse is a personal choice; however, Gloves In A Bottle has been made fragrance free, dye free and free from all harsh chemicals to ensure that it is 100% safe to be used even for surgery.

Dermatologist recommended hand lotion for nurses

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