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Cracked hands need extra love

Melissa Marsden

We are currently living in a time where we are prompted to consistently wash or sanitize our hands. This prompt even though it is a necessity it is also causing dry skin issues to rise throughout our community. One of the most common dry skin issues is cracked skin on hands that won’t heal.  Dry cracked skin can be painful and it usually caused by a compromised skin barrier.

Above overhead close up view photo of teen girl using white solid cream soap for washing hands she has sensitive shin isolated over blue background

What is your skin barrier? Your skin barrier is the outer layer of the skin and a healthy skin barrier will protect and regulate moisture throughout the skin. Keeping this thought in mind it is easy to understand why cracked skin on hands won’t heal. Our skin barrier on our hands is constantly being stripped and damaged by our environment, like UV rays and cold weather, and products we use every day. Some of the other factors that can lead to a damaged skin barrier can even be genetic.  Another unfortunate side effect of cracked skin due to a compromised skin barrier is that this leaves your skin susceptible to skin infections.

Best way to combat this issue is to repair, protect, and get moisture into your skin barrier. Adding a shielding lotion to your daily routine and using it as needed throughout your day is one of the most important steps you can take to start protecting and healing your skin barrier.  Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion bonds with the outer most layer of skin, aka your skin barrier, and creates a breathable shield to protect your skin.  Once your skin barrier is protected it can start healing. Unlike most conventional lotions that temporarily soften and essentially trick your body in to creating less of its own natural oils and can make your cracked skin worst, Gloves In A Bottle is filled with moisturizing ingredients that will work with your body’s own naturals oils to help heal and moisturize the skin.

cracked hands on skin

This small but crucial step will lead to creating that healthy skin barrier.  Once your skin barrier is healthy your skin will be able to protect and moisturize much better. A healthy skin barrier will stop the effect of cracked skin on hands.

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