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Cracked Hands and Feet

Melissa Marsden

During the summer most of us live in our flip flops. Even though it feels great to let the skin on your feet breathe, have you ever noticed that your feet can become super dry and rough during these months? Ever wonder why this happens and if there is a way to keep your skin soft during the summer months?

Our feet are pretty amazing if you think about it. They help support our body weight and get us from A to B; so the least we can do for them is to make sure they’re healthy. A good place to start is with the skin on your feet. 

Our feet are literally made to support the whole body that stems from them. The skin on your soles contains tons of fat cells that are created to provide extra padding, protection and shock absorption. But studies have shown that wearing sandals and flip flops with open heels can cause problems for your feet. Most of these shoes don’t offer much support for your feet which can essentially cause that extra fatty padding in your feet to stretch out and this can lead to painful pressure on your feet. Another side effect of wearing flip flops is that your skin is now at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated and dry due to the constant air exposure - not to mention getting scratched or cut from objects on the floor. 

So what are some simple foot care tips?

Proper skin care methods that can prevent things like cracked hands and feet. Exfoliating your skin is essential. This action allows you to remove the barrier of dry, pore clogging dead skin cells off of your skin and allow new skin cells to come to the surface thus making it easier for oils moisture to get back into the skin. After properly exfoliating, it is best to follow up with a moisturizer. Moisturizing is also essential in proper skin care. It keeps our skin hydrated and balanced. A good moisturizer will work with your body’s natural oils to add moisture back into the skin.  Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion works differently than regular foot moisturizers. Instead of sitting on top of the skin, and leaving your feet feeling greasy and slippery, it actually bonds with your outer layer of skin creating a breathable barrier that stays put until those dead skin naturally exfoliates off.  This helps with keeping moisture in the skin and keeping your feet healthy. Using Gloves In A Bottle regularly will also help repair that horrible white, rough skin on your soles that can look unsightly.

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