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The Best Gluten Free Hand Lotion and Face Lotion You’ll Want To Know About

Words By Martina

I thought gluten was something you ate and not lathered all over your skin. If you have a gluten intolerance or allergy, you don’t want to be using skin care products that could include gluten-containing ingredients, do you? If you know your body doesn’t get on with it, do you want it on your skin? I bet I know the answer.

Gluten intolerance is quite common these days and it sometimes feels like every other person I meet is trying to stay away from gluten. I know a lot of the time it’s a conscious health decision they’ve made for themselves but for others, it’s not a choice. For anyone who has a gluten intolerance, it means that they have a negative reaction to the protein found in wheat, barley and rye.1 This intolerance can end up with someone experiencing bloating, digestive problems, headaches, skin problems and even anemia, just to name a few.1 Not fun! In the worst cases, celiac disease can develop which is an autoimmune disease that affects around 1% of us.1 If this isn’t monitored carefully, it can cause severe damage to our digestive system. Eeek! It’s no wonder that someone in this situation wouldn’t want to risk using a lotion with gluten in it.

Gluten in Skin Care

Even though we don’t eat our skin care products (although with some of the lip balm flavors, it can be tempting!), the products can sometimes make their way into our mouths accidentally if we’re wearing lip balm, face creams or hand lotion. If you have any open skin wounds or lesions, you also don’t want any products with gluten making their way into your system. If you’re intolerant to gluten, I don’t think you’d want to take any risks that could end up with irritated or inflamed skin or worse yet, damage to your digestive system. It’s just a hunch!

Skin care products that say they are gluten free avoid ingredients like wheat germ oil or hydrolyzed wheat protein, for example.2 Some other names to look for on the ingredients list are wheat, barley, malt, rye, oat, triticum vulgare, hordeum vulgare, secale cereale and avena sativa.3 These may not be an issue for everyone but if you have celiac disease or a serious intolerance, you’ll want to stay away from these gluten-containing ingredients and not take any unnecessary risks.

Best Gluten Free Hand Lotion and Face Lotion

It’s becoming more common to see skin care and cosmetics labeled as gluten-free. This is great news for anyone trying to avoid gluten in their skin care routine. Lucky for you, Gloves In A Bottle and Skin MD Natural are two shielding lotions that are both 100% gluten free. Not only are they effective at protecting your skin from daily damage, they also can help to heal any skin that is already irritated and inflamed. Both lotions are formulated to create a protective barrier with the top layer of your skin so that irritants are kept out but your natural oils and moisture stay put. While Gloves In A Bottle is perfect for your hands, Skin MD Natural is made for your face. 

Knowing that you can keep your skin healthy and protected without taking any risks with gluten intolerance is a weight lifted off your gluten-avoiding shoulders.



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