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Best Black Friday Gifts for Mom

Melissa Marsden

Moms - aren’t they the best? They also deserve the best. Moms spend so much time to make the holiday season very magical for everyone else around them, so maybe it’s their turn to feel the magic from you? With the holidays coming up it’s smart to get ahead and start purchasing gifts or making a list. Moms deserve something special; get them something that indulges their wishes rather than going with a practical choice.  But before you get your credit card out, make sure to shop around for those holidays deals.  Some of the Best Black Friday gifts for mom are listed below:

  1. Coffee Maker – If mom needs an upgrade from her older coffee maker, a Keurig is a great option. It makes coffee in under a minute and you can even throw in some holiday flavored coffee pods. So delicious!
  2. Speaker – Whether mom is gardening, working out, cleaning or cooking, I’m sure she likes some tunes playing in the background. A speaker is always a good idea and it’s useful for so many occasions.
  3. Air Fryer – The biggest hit of 2020. Everyone loves them and they are so easy to use. The food needs little to no oil to turn out brown and crispy. May best not to add a cookbook in this case. Mom might think you are insulting her cooking. 
  4. Cozy Pajamas – Who can say no to cozy pajamas? No one - especially during the cold weather
  5. Skincare – Her favorite skin care is always a good gift. Moms always put themselves last so let her feel pampered. From a spa day or skincare basket including face masks, Gloves In A Bottle, facial serums and a light fragrance. A premium quality candle is a nice add-on too.
  6. Oil Diffuser – A therapeutic choice - and one that I personally use every day. It will make her feel so Zen and offers some time of peace and quiet. You can get her a pack of oils to go along with it too. They have holiday, floral and of course the original essential oils.

Hopefully these suggestions help you nail this gift for your mom. At the end of the day give her some love and she will be happy. 

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