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Are your hand sanitizers drying out your skin?

Melissa Marsden

Did you know that hand sanitizers have alcohol in them? Yes actual alcohol, in fact if a baby ate hand sanitizers it would be enough for them to get slightly drunk.

With that said, the amount of rubbing alcohol in the hand sanitizers is about 70 percent. That’s what makes the product so effective. However, it is the alcohol that dries out the skin and causes the skin to be more prone to aging. This is not good. How do we resolve this issue? I will get to that later.

I know, I get it, no one likes germs. You’re in the grocery aisle and you’re ready to checkout and you see the hand sanitizer pump and you decide why not keep your hands germ free? You notice the immediate results and quick drying action. However, overtime you forget to realize that not only is the hand sanitizer drying, but also really bad for your skin and can allow your hands to be more prone to contact dermatitis, aging and severely dry skin.

So, what’s the deal behind hand sanitizers? Why do they exist?

Hand sanitizers were invented in the early 90’s by medical healthcare professionals. The main component to it is the alcohol that works as a microbial agent. Basically in a nutshell, you’re sterilizing your hands. I can see why this is a perfect fit for nurses, healthcare workers, doctors, and any worker exposed to germs. It’s quicker than using soap and water, but the price you pay for is pretty high. The constant use of hand sanitizers as said before dries out the skin, but also strips the skin of its own natural oils. This is why it is recommended to use a lotion afterward to prevent this.

What to do?

In the world full of lotions, there seems to be a shortage of effective creams that actually heal all components of the skin. Now with Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion™, healthcare workers can feel secure knowing that they have found a product that solves the dry skin issue. Gloves In A Bottle® works by repelling harmful agents and allowing the skin to heal better on its own producing its own natural oils. Think of it as a properly working machine. Other lotions only deal with the start of the machine working. Gloves In A Bottle® gets the whole machine going and produces great results. No more cracked skin, aging skin and of course contact dermatitis.

do you wash your hands all day long

I had the pleasure of speaking to a nurse by the name of Julia Miller and she swears by the product. This is what she says:

“I’ve been a nurse for 20+ yrs. My hands have been in and out of latex gloves that are very drying. One of my new nurses got a bottle of Gloves In A Bottle® and we’ve been passing it around the ER/trauma unit at the start of our shifts. I squeeze an amount into my hands and work it in really well then I glove up. Gloves In A Bottle® initial application will last until my first break or lunchtime whichever comes first (most times breaks are a luxury). Then after lunch, a small application may be needed until the end of my shift. We work 12 hr. shifts. Out of that time, I’d say 9-10 hrs. My hands are gloves in latex. With Gloves In A Bottle®, my hands remain soft and supple even after numerous glove changes and anti-bacterial foam cleansing solutions and soap have been applied more than I can say. My hands have never looked better. On my off time and during lunch/dinner/breaks I crochet which really needs for my hands to get soft so that my yarn isn’t snagged or frayed by rough hands. All in our entire unit loves Gloves In A Bottle® as do my crochet projects.”

As you can see, Gloves In A Bottle® helps nurses and other medical professionals with the never-ending dry skin issue. Get the benefits of your hand sanitizer, but keep your healthy skin. Use Gloves In A Bottle® for great results and healing your skin from the inside out.

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