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A Revolutionary Barrier Hand Cream for Gardeners Worth a Try

Melissa Marsden

Gardening is such a therapeutic pastime for so many. And for others, it’s a full-time profession. Either way, when gardening, your hands are your most important tools, and almost all gardeners will have a few different pairs of gardening gloves in their tool belt. Gardening gloves are essential for most gardeners, as there are far too many sharp shrubs and thorns to protect our hands from. Also, they offer a nice grip for the tougher jobs like pulling weeds and breaking up mulch. However, they take away from the wholesome and natural experience of feeling soil run through your hands, getting the dirt in your nails, and holding a beautiful perennial in your hands.

Gardening gloves are important, yes, and certainly offer a great first line of defense, however, now you can say good-bye to gardening gloves by using a barrier hand cream for gardeners, such as Gloves In A Bottle. By providing a non-greasy and lightweight coverage across the surface of your hands, you are essentially wearing a glove-like invisible shield that will protect your hands from harmful plant products and also from plant irritants found in Geraniums and Daffodils. Your hands will no longer be stained from the strong color of Lily pollen.

barrier hand cream for gardeners

Being fragrance-free, dye-free and free from pretty much any harmful chemical, you will feel safe knowing that all you smell are the beautiful flowers in your garden.

Here are some tips for when to use your barrier cream:

  • Breaking up soil in your hands without worrying about the dirty stained fingers.
  • Using rakes or shovels that can cause blisters will now be a thing of the past with  Gloves In A Bottle.
  • Using plant products like fertilizers that may come in contact with your hands will also be an important time to apply Gloves In A Bottle as it does not allow your skin to absorb these harmful chemicals (or the horrid stench).

barrier hand cream for gardeners

Gardener, Brian says “Works well when I dig with my hands in the garden without gloves, and has kept my hands softer than usual which I cannot complain about either.”

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