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Why You Need a 30 Day Declutter Challenge!

Words By Martina

We all need a little incentive to declutter from time to time. Whether you’re a shop-a-holic or you’re just too busy to clear out the stuff that has accumulated in your house, a 30 day declutter challenge is perfect for anyone that wants to create a calmer, more organised home.

Why Do We Need To Declutter?

Decluttering can be so useful in life. The obvious part is that decluttering your home creates more space and helps you feel more relaxed when things around you are tidy and organized. If you work from home and your office space is surrounded by your kids’ toys, you know exactly what I’m talking about! But there is so much more to it than that. Decluttering can be therapeutic, a way to clear out your life and get rid of the things that just waste your time, space and energy. It can be symbolic - getting rid of old habits and stuck emotions. By surrounding yourself with things that actually matter to you, life as a whole becomes more meaningful and less overwhelming. It becomes more about YOU and less about ‘stuff’.

So How Do We Do This?

There are so many different 30 Day Decluttering Challenges out there - just Google it if you don’t believe me! But for the sake of simplicity (and we all love a little simplicity in life!), there are a few ways you can instantly make your own decluttering challenge that suits your time and lifestyle. Here are a few easy ideas to try if you’re ready to start decluttering!

Get Rid of One Thing a Day for 30 Days

Do exactly that. Each day, find one thing to donate, pass on to someone else, sell or throw away. This is a great and easy way to ease into decluttering for people who might find it hard to part with things. (I’m looking at you with the 50 pairs of shoes and 30 handbags stashed in your closet!)

Focus on One Area to Declutter Each Day

Ok, so I’m not assuming you have 30 rooms in your house! What I mean by ‘area’ is a physical space like your night stand or your bathroom cabinet. (But don’t go throwing out your Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion. That’s good stuff!) Start with small areas and clean and declutter that small space. That’s it! If you stick to one small area each day and clear it out properly (no, don’t just shove all the junk sitting on top into the bottom drawer!), you’ll soon see your home transform into a place of calm organisation.

Each Day Ask Yourself One of These Questions

  • What is something I rarely use – and probably don’t need?
  • What is something that I don’t enjoy having in the house?
  • What is something that someone else could use more than me?
  • What is something that I don’t need in my home?
  • What is something I’m keeping because I feel like I have to?
  • What is something I haven’t used in over a year?
  • What is something I have too much or too many of? (Yes, shoes and handbags count!)
  • Is there a toy that my kid hasn’t played with in ages and won’t even know it’s gone if I get rid of it?
  • What is something that is using up too much space?
  • What is something that is broken that I don’t have time to fix?
  • What is something that I could easily replace if I needed it one day?
  • Do I have something that can do the same job as another item I already have?
  • Is there something I spend too much time cleaning and maintaining but doesn’t actually add value to my life?
  • Is there anything that doesn’t have its own space or home because it’s not actually that important to me?

It’s no secret that buying physical things can release some happy hormones that physically make us feel good – but this effect is short lived. It’s a much better (and longer lasting!) feeling to declutter your home and create a calm, inviting environment. Try a 30 day declutter challenge and you’ll see just what I mean!

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