I am amazed that my hands stay so nice.

I have used this product many times and I am amazed that my hands stay so nice. I am an avid crafter, painting, sewing and papercrafting, also I have children so I am always washing my hands. Every winter my fingers start cracking from too much washing in the cold weather. I starting using Gloves in a Bottle with a sample I received at the store and within 2 uses I found my hands stopped cracking and the skin was able to repair itself even though I was washing my hands frequently. This product is unbelievable and lasts for 4-6 hours without having to reapply. I recommend this product for anyone who has their hands in corrosive or harmful products (ie.. cleaning products).

T. Smith
Great for Crafters!

This is an awesome lotion! Just a couple of drops and your hands will be super soft. Not at all greasy or heavy. This is great if you are a crafter, sewer or working on detail tasks, need lotion and don't want to get all greasy- this is the best stuff you could ever buy! It will last you a long time-just a little drop needed each application.

Jame Austin
Perfect for crafters

I love this hand lotion. It is unscented so it does not conflict with my perfume or overwhelm when using. It absorbs fast and not greasy. Perfect for crafters or sewers since it does not leave oils on fabric or crafts. I give it for gifts too and everyone loves it.

I use it often when knitting and sewing

Wonderful product at a reasonable price. Feels great on my hands. Not at all greasy. I use it often when knitting and sewing by hand. Yarn and thread glides smoothly through fingers when this product is used! Never have to be concerned about transferring oily residue to fabrics. I will make certain I do not run out of this product!

It Does Its Job

Perfect for protecting hands from pastels. Great if you don't like using gloves to do your artwork and don't want tinted fingertips

James Carrol
Hands Back To Normal In Days

Whenever I work with wood, or do anything with soil, my hands dry out and crack and sometimes bleed. A cousin of mine, who has done plenty of outside work, recommended this product, suggesting I apply it to my hands and then put on cotton gloves. The glove suggestion was a bit much, so I didn't take that part of the suggestion. But after a half-dozen applications, my hands are back to normal. I have to recommend this product highly.

Carolyn Hopkins

I just wanted to tell you that I had a chronic problem with dry skin on my hands. I'm a pathologist and I use surgical gloves all day, take them on and off, and continually wash my hands. I also like to swim. My hands were cracking and bleeding so bad, I couldn't even hold a pen. Nothing worked until this stuff. Now I can swim as much as I want, and the cracked skin is totally gone. Gloves In A Bottle is amazing stuff.

Cait Johnson

I gave a friend my purse sized bottle of Gloves In a Bottle, and now find I can't find it any store in the Anoka & Elk River, MN, area. Yeah, I know, dumb move. I live in the Milaca, Minnesota, area, but do go into the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in their northern suburbs. I am desperately looking for a store that sells your product. My hands can't take much more of the greasy lotions. I do counted cross stitch and Hardanger needlework, and can't stitch with sore, cracked hands. It's the first time I have had "normal" hands that aren't cracked or bleeding. I have an auction house kitchen and my hands are in soap and water constantly, and the next day I feel as though my skin is too small for my hands. Thank you.

Cheryl Bliss
Providence, RI

I have my hands in & out of water all day as I'm a home care aide. In the winter especially this dries my hands alot. Using Gloves In A Bottle really works. My hands are soft. I especially like it as I don't have to reapply after each hand washing.