I suffer from the effects of psoriasis

Randy Schwanke

“I wanted to write a message here to say “Thank You”. To me it is not “gloves in a bottle”, but more like “Miracle-In-A-Bottle”.

I suffer from the effects of psoriasis and eczema on both my feet and my hands, this is topped with allergies to a wide variety items. I have been using steroidal creams and moisturizers, together with oral steroids to help keep it in check. I have suffered with this for about 5 years now, and it’s been very bad, to point where I was not able to make a fist or even walk.

Even after all this, as soon as I would finish the oral steroid regimen, within 4 to 5 days the psoriasis condition would re-appear with a vengeance.

I was presented with your product by my Dermatologists. At the point I saw them, my feet were extremely bad, as were my hands. My hands looked like something made up in a Hollywood set for a movie.

Well, I began using your product, and after just a few days, my psoriasis damaged hands began to show signs of getting better, and I can actually sleep through the night now. I apply it a bit more often then the suggested use, since my skin cells are in the “fast lane”, as compared to normal skin cells.

I gave your product to a co-worker here in the office, his hands were extremely dry, and his wife was allergic to the powder that is placed inside of the latex gloves. After using your product, the allergic reaction stopped, and his hands began to feel much better as well.

Please feel free to use this for endorsement of your product.

Once again, THANK YOU for making my life a lot easier and somewhat more normal.

My sincere Thanks.”

I’ve suffered from severe pompholyx eczema


“Hi – this is the first time in my life I’ve ever contacted a company to give either positive or negative feedback, but your product has changed my life so much I couldn’t not tell you.

I’ve suffered from severe pompholyx eczema on my hands since I was 15 years old. I’m 32 now and have tried everything you can imagine and spent so much money on possible cures. It’s affected every aspect of my life – work, relationships, my confidence – just handing money over in shops made me feel horrible. And I’ve always wanted to be a midwife but I knew I couldn’t do it with my hands the way they were. I stumbled across your product one day looking around on the Internet and tried it. I cannot tell you how glad I am. I haven’t had one blister, one bit of dry skin, nothing. It’s been months now and I religiously use it every few hours and it actually works. I’ve used so many steroid creams since I was 16 that have thinned my skin and not done an awful lot else. I think more doctors need to know this exists.

I really also think you need to market it more in the uk. I was lucky to come across it – I’ve told a lot of friends about it and will carry on recommending.

Sorry! I never meant this to turn into such a long email – I just wanted to say thank you so much. Please don’t ever stop making it.”

Battling severe eczema


“I have been battling dry skin and severe eczema for a long time. Have had different creams from my doctor and I went for a long time to a skin specialist and I’ve tried it all. Yesterday I went to get some Gloves In A Bottle – I put it on at 6 PM and my hands were as smooth as a baby’s behind and stayed that way. This morning went back to the pharmacy and bought a small bottle and because I am on Social Security they gave me four packets.

I have never had anything work so fast and so good. My eczema skin was so bad if I brushed my hand by my face it would actually cut it. I wanted to let you know this stuff is a miracle and I can go somewhere and not be embarrassed by my hands. Thank you, thank you for coming up with this cream.!”

Secondary Lotion


Does not heal or replenish skin. This is intended to make a barrier, which it does well, and helps greatly when dealing with soaps, dust, dirt, chemicals, or other things that cause skin irritation. Use this for eczema, after healing lotion (Hoofmaker or Aveeno stress relief with oatmeal) is applied, dried, and absorbed. Note that it does have a weak scent, similar to Elmer’s Glue.