My dermatologist recommended this product

Lisa Kearns

“I have dry skin and I get painful, bleeding cracks in my fingertips every winter. I’ve used every lotion and cream known to man, with mixed results. If I’m religious about putting on lotion throughout the day, almost any type will help a little. If I’m religious about putting a thick body butter on them only at night (too greasy for daytime use) that helps too. But I still had problems with cracks and dry skin if I skipped a day or two of using moisturizers.

My dermatologist recommended this product, and I bought a bottle to try. Because this lotion forms a more or less permanent barrier in your top layer of skin, it continues to preserve the moisture in my skin even after washing my hands. It rubs in and dries without leaving a greasy feel, and continues to protect for many hours.

As an experiment, I went 24 hours between applications – in the meantime washing my hands and showering and otherwise abusing my skin. At the end of 24 hours my hands weren’t dried out and ready to crack like they normally would be. This tells me the lotion really does form a barrier and protects my skin. Excellent!”

I have suffered with sore cracked hands

Stuart Carmichael

“I am dropping you a e-mail just to say how fantastic your product really is. I have suffered with sore cracked hands causing me pain and embarrassment for years, I have been a Marine Engineer for the last seventeen and a half years starting my apprenticeship with the same company. Going back to then health and safety isn’t what it is today and disposable gloves were not used back then and it was seen tough to not use them.

I would say my problem started maybe 11 years ago and have got worse since I came off the shop floor and promoted to Marine Eng.Supervisor, I don’t know why. I became fed up with it about a month ago after trying every cream I could buy, using plasters like they had gone out of fashion. I decided to search the internet where I came by your product Gloves In A Bottle and decided to purchase it through an agent in England.

I have got to say my hands are fantastic, family and friends can’t believe the transformation. I had to e-mail you just to pass on my thanks for such a fantastic product and it has improved my life, in fact I have just ordered another bottle.”

Peter – Cracked/Raw Skin


“Amazing product! I’m a bartender and my hands were always raw, red, and cracked at the end of the night from all the hand-washing and chemicals in the glass-washers. The first time I used this, I put it on before my shift, and my hands were perfectly fine at the end of the night! It’s almost miraculous how well this stuff works, I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. “


Hope Trevino

“Just wanted to let you know that your product is great. I was having a very difficult time with dry skin. Due to the onset of some physical problems my skin felt cracked and looked horrible. I heard about your product though a friend, I have had much relief and my skin feels great. Thank you for this product.”



“I have my hands in & out of water all day as I’m a home care aide. In the winter especially this dries my hands a lot. Using Gloves In A Bottle really works. My hands are soft. I especially like it as I don’t have to reapply after each hand washing.”


Anita Conrad

“Gloves In A Bottle lotion is amazing. I have a constant problem with dry skin on hands due to a job that requires frequent hand washing. The improvement in skin condition since using this product is very apparent.”

Problems with dry itchy skin

Jeanne Smith

“My daughter works in a deli and she loves your product!! She puts it on before she starts work and again after her break. She has had many problems with dry itchy skin in the past but since using your product her hands are soft, and look Wonderful!!! Thank you so much for making this GREAT product!”