Teacher/Dry Skin, Constant Hand Washing, Art Projects

June Almeida

Cooking, Cleaning, Taking care of kids

Jennifer P.

Hair & Make up artist

Sabiha Sultana

It protects my skin

Registered Nurse/dry,cracked hands

Great gift for cold winter climates!


Living in cold winter climates, especially if you have baseboard heaters, can often mean horribly dry air and cracked, bleeding, sore skin. I have two family members with skin issues (cracked and bleeding knuckles all winter in one case, and cracked peeling sore and red feet in the other case). I gave them both a bottle for Christmas, and threw in one for a friend as well, and I’ve heard nothing but great reports from everyone. It does not have much of a smell at all, which was a big bonus for the one family member who is super-sensitive to scented products. I have a feeling we’ll all be using it going forward.

My skin was dry


Thank you for the best product ever. I moved from Botswana to Graskop RSA. My skin was dry and I try ever product spending so much money. At dischem a sales person told me to use this. I will never use any thing ells on my hands and face. I could see the change in my skin the second day. Thank you so much I start loving my skin again.

I like that Gloves In A Bottle protects my hands

Diane Zusman

I have been a pastel artist for years. The first thing that was suggested to me was to use Gloves in a Bottle prior to painting. Well I bought my first bottle immediately and have been using it since. Before starting any pastel session I apply a very small amount to my hands, under my nails and let it dry. The pastel chalk does not embed under my nails and rinses off easily and completely when I wash my hands. I also like that it protects my hands from drying out and I am certain provides a bit of protection from the chemicals that are in pastel. I love this stuff and a little goes a long way.

Great useful and true product


Hi. As a gardener, rancher and office admin.my hands get so dry. Dish washing, dirt and mostly all the daily paper work ...paper sucks the oils right out of you skin. I have cracked skin.

I have tried lots of lotions and gloves and still dried out hands.

Your product was recommended to me by the dermatologist. I thought okay I will try it but it won't work.

Wow gloves in a bottle is amazing. I got so excited I shared some with another rancher and a week later i asked him if he used it and he was. He was so happy about it also. Mainly for the grease washing off easily after working on the farm equipment. But also his hands were not as cracked and dry.

Thank you a great useful and true product. It does what you say it does.