One drop is enough to coat all of my fingers


“This week I saw my dermatologist for a follow-up visit, the first time I’d seen him since starting with the tape (my oncologist had called in that prescription, but the two have discussed my case on the phone). I told him the tape was much more helpful than anything else I’d tried, although the fingertips and nail margins remained very sensitive and easily injured. He said the tape does a good job on inflammation, but it also makes the skin thinner and less able to retain moisture, and he recommends that it be used for a maximum of two consecutive weeks and then set aside for at least a week.

To protect the skin after the tape is off, he suggested Gloves In A Bottle, an OTC “shielding lotion” which bonds with the outer layer of skin to help protect the deeper layers from irritants and prevent their natural oils and moisture from escaping. It does not wash off, but comes off naturally with the exfoliated outer layer cells and needs to be reapplied every 4 hours for best protection. One drop is enough to coat all of my fingers, and it does help — a lot. I’m inclined to think the fingertip problem might have been largely prevented if I’d been using this product all along.”

I started using it on my face

Joan LeBlanc

“This is the best stuff I have ever used… last year after having a medical doctor give me a sample of your product to my surprise it worked miraculously! After having worked out in the yard of my new house, the bromeliads (I realize I am allergic to them) had scratched my arms and caused me to break out in a rash due to an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis – editor’s note).

The following Monday one of my doctors gave me a sample of your product, unfortunately, I just put it in my drawer (for about 6 months) and ended up using an antibiotic cream which took forever to get rid of. Then one day as I was going through my drawer I noticed it and read about how it works.

I started using it on my face because knowing that if it protects my skin from moisture loss without hindering it from producing more moisture, why not? Isn’t that why we spend mega bucks on beauty moisturizers that are only superficial?

I called your office to tell you how great the product worked and thought everyone in the world should know. You see, I did not want to ever be without this product. I even ordered samples from your company so that I could distribute them to the medical doctors that I called on.

Just weeks ago when I was out in my yard again and having gotten scratched by the bromeliads I decided to use your product on my arms and within 2-3 days my arms were healed… wow!

One of the doctors I gave a sample to said that there was an ingredient in your product that is very costly and helps with skin disorders… told him where to find it at Walgreens for his patients… I have felt that your product was not being to promoted so that everyone who needs this is no able to experience the benefits…

I have told the girls at Walgreens that they need to have it in the pharmacy and the cosmetic department, and explained to them how and why it works… this product is something that I do not want to ever be without because of the wonderful results… it only makes sense…”