Skin Allergy/Reaction to tree nut oil

Kalinda Rooney

“I just wanted to email you guys and say Thank You!!! for making this product. I had bought some for my husband a few years ago and he never ended up using the bottle. He ended up throwing it out. Little did I know then how much I was going to need it. Not two months later I developed a serious reaction to tree nut oils.

This reaction was so severe I ended up with in the emergency room and the doctor gave me an epi-pen. I figured I would be safe if I just avoided eating nuts. Only to find out days later that there were nut oils in some of my skin care products as well. Not to mention when we would go out to the store I would touch items while shopping and end up with a serious rash and allergic reaction.

The only thing we could figure was that something had nut residue or someone who had touched nuts then touched the item I touched. I became afraid to go out of the house and touching things. I pretty much figured I was gonna end up like the girl in xmen always having to wear gloves. I remembered your product and searched for it on-line. I called around and could not find it in any local stores so I ordered it on-line.

The day it came I slathered my arms and hands up and bravely went into the grocery store. I put the basket on my arm and hooked it to my elbow. By the time I had finished shopping I had a rash that ran from my elbow up. I realized I had applied Gloves In A Bottle up to my elbow and where I had applied it I was ok. I also found out my gym’s shaving cream in their showers has nut oils.

I put Gloves In A Bottle on my hands and feet before showering and to date have had no issues. I keep a bottle by my front door, one in my purse and one in each or our cars. I put it on before I leave the house. It is funny we were at a party recently and I had to shake allot of hands. It occurred to me I no longer had to be nervous about what that person had just eaten or touched. So thank you for my piece of mind and my safety. Please don’t ever stop making your product!”