Can’t Live Without It!

Holly Duce

I've been using the SPF version as a facial moisturizer daily for years. It's the only SPF I can stand on my face. It's lightweight and not greasy at all. I can't live without this product!

Lotion Comes Off With Exfoliating Skin Cells

Pamela V

I don’t have dry skin. I live in a humid climate, which probably helps my skin stay moisturized. I moisturize my face but rarely use hand or body lotions. I am a nurse and only do I wash my hands dozens of times per day, but I also change gloves about 50 times per shift. I know this because I am the only nurse wearing size small gloves on my unit, so I pretty much go through a pair of gloves myself per day, just in my own office.

This lotion does go on smooth and absorbs easily into the skin. Any odor or fragrance is very slight. I noticed,though, after applying this lotion and allowing it to dry sufficiently, I could rub my hands together and particles of dirt or whatever, that was, of course, unnoticeable before applying the lotion, were balling up and coming to the surface of my skin. Kind of like exfoliating my skin.

So I read the bottle more carefully and one of this lotions claims on the bottle is that it comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. Interesting. But not necessarily a feeling I like to have. Another claim of this lotion is that it bonds with your outer skin cells to form and invisible shield that helps protect your skin. I find myself rubbing my hands together, which makes the lotion particles come off with skin cells, which makes my hands feel dirty. I don’t like that.

I can see the benefits of this lotion for anyone that does cleaning or is in water and not wearing gloves. Or for anyone that has skin problems on their hands and forearms because of work or cleaning duties, being exposed to water, moisture, or temperatures. But as a daily lotion, I am not going to use this. I don’t care for the feeling of exfoliating skin cells on my hands.

it makes my face super soft & moisturized


“I’m honestly in love with this lotion. I have tried many many many lotions specifically for my face and to give you an idea of what my face is like… I have acne prone skin, although I don’t have acne anymore, if I put on the wrong product, I will break out, that being said the lotions I have tried in the past have either irritated my skin making it super itchy or it would work but once I stopped using it for like A DAY my face would become dependent and very dry.

This lotion doesn’t irritate my face, my face doesn’t turn red after applying it (like many other lotions have), it makes my face super soft and it actually feels moisturized! The bottle does say to apply every 4 hours which is fine by me considering it’s waterproof and what not. I honestly recommend it to anyone. I got mine at the pharmacy in Fred Meyer; they had a sample and I immediately fell in love with how it made my hands feel. There was also a $2 off coupon for them .”

Use it on my entire body

-K. Chuck

“I’ve been using Gloves In A Bottle for over fifteen years. It’s the moisturizer I reach for whenever I think things are getting a little dry. I use it every day after showering on my entire body and after every third or forth time I wash my hands. I’m not quite OCD about it, but I do wash my hands very often throughout the day. I’ve tried a number of other moisturizing lotions but have yet to find one that works as well or lasts through multiple washes the way Gloves In A Bottle does. I go through quite a bit, but seem to end up giving even more away so people can try it.”

Body, Hands & Face

Allison J.McGowan

“I cannot live without my Gloves in a Bottle! This is the only lotion that I can use on my face, hands, OR body without greasiness or breakouts. Unlike other lotions, with Gloves in a Bottle, I see noticeable and lasting results with regular use (applied once or twice daily). And as a bonus, it makes my brittle nails grow long and strong and keeps my cuticles looking clean and healthy!”

Scratches, acne spots, chapped lips


“Because my son can’t draw with markers and such because it absorbs into his skin and makes him react, this lotion was recommended to me. It provides an actual barrier for your skin against everything on the outside while still allowing your skin to function as it is supposed to. I received it less than a week ago and it has already proven itself to be amazing in my house.

I used it on my 2 y.o. when he got a deep scratch on his nose and it healed up immediately.

My teen daughter had some infected acne spots and she washed her face well and then applied it and the infection was gone by the end of the day. Normally the infected spots have trouble healing and stay for days.

I have had a problem for months with my bottom lip being chapped and not healing. I tried just leaving it alone and drinking lots of water (because balms and such can make your lips worse), but it wouldn’t heal. I applied the tiniest amount of Gloves In A Bottle for a couple days and my lips healed up. It isn’t that you are applying medicine to your skin. You are just protecting your skin so it can do the job it is supposed to of healing itself.”

Moisture loss


“This week I saw my dermatologist for a follow-up visit, the first time I’d seen him since starting with the tape (my oncologist had called in that prescription, but the two have discussed my case on the phone). I told him the tape was much more helpful than anything else I’d tried, although the fingertips and nail margins remained very sensitive and easily injured. He said the tape does a good job on inflammation, but it also makes the skin thinner and less able to retain moisture, and he recommends that it be used for a maximum of two consecutive weeks and then set aside for at least a week.

To protect the skin after the tape is off, he suggested Gloves In A Bottle, an OTC “shielding lotion” which bonds with the outer layer of skin to help protect the deeper layers from irritants and prevent their natural oils and moisture from escaping. It does not wash off, but comes off naturally with the exfoliated outer layer cells and needs to be reapplied every 4 hours for best protection. One drop is enough to coat all of my fingers, and it does help — a lot”.

Love it on my face

Terry Long

“Kind of happened upon this for my face. I started using it on my hands, because they would dry and crack open in the winter cold. Long story short, I am on new meds for my Rosacea, which are doing a fabulous job to help with rosacea, but are making my face dryer than normal, so today i thought “why not try the Gloves in a Bottle,” since I love it so much on my hands?

I literally just came back from the bathroom and applying it and then put on my concealer over top of it. It looks amazing! :) AND it’s helping with my dry, itchy face! LOVE IT! I will now by the larger bottle, so I can use it everywhere!”

Base coat under makeup

Laura Spencer

“My skin was dry, and I really hated the way that dry skin felt.

I’ve been using my Gloves In A Bottle immediately after I shower, and I have found that it greatly relieves that tight “dry-skin” feeling that my skin tends to get during the day. (I really do hate that tightness.)

In fact, since the lotion is so thin, I’ve been using it on my face too. I found that it makes an excellent base coat under makeup and relieves the tightness around my eyes (next to my hands, the skin around my eyes is probably the driest). It’s not sticky and it’s virtually invisible while you are wearing it.

My daughter, who can only use hypoallergenic lotions and cosmetics, was able to use Gloves In A Bottle without any problems at all. Even my husband, who also has very sensitive skin, tried this lotion.”