Glove in a bottle is guarantee to work!

I just started work recently, I worked in a factory that uses powder-like materials to make our products every day. After a few days at work, I begin to realize that I was breaking out all over my body. A red rash, allergic reaction to something eczema-like rashes. It was itching really bad. None of us could figure out what it was or what trigger it. I tried all the anti-itching lotion out there but none work. One day, a coworker said, “have you try gloves in a bottle”? So I order one online and tried it and wow it was amazing. No more itch, no more rashes, breakout, and the best part it lasts all day. Just apply once and you are done for the day. I now used it every day before work and the rest is history!

Constant hand washing & sanatizing

Pam Keller

“This is the only product I have found that has truly helped my hand dermatitis. I am a mother/baby nurse and have to constantly wash and/or sanitize and my hands would literally crack, bleed, itch and burn severely to where it was interfering with my home and work duties daily. I can not believe the difference in just a few weeks time. I had given up all hope after yrs of prescription creams, natural products, and the supposedly best OTC creams/lotions.”

Large Scaly patches disappeared

Mike Harris

“At 35 years of age, both of my hands developed scaly, dry areas, mostly on the palm side of the hands and fingers, especially the fingertips. After suffering with persistent itching and bleeding, I visited a doctor about it. The doctor believes that there is something that I’m touching with my hands to which I have developed an allergy. He prescribed “Diprolene”, but was careful to give me a number of dire warnings about how this was very strong medicine, not meant for prolonged use.

The Diprolene did handle the problem, but even if my hands appeared to be completely healed, as soon as I stopped using “Diprolene”, the symptoms would quickly return. This was no long-term solution, so I began trying an assortment of different skin care products from pharmacies, Avon, health food stores, taking vitamin E, etc.

I even tried wearing gloves most of the day to avoid touching anything with the skin of my hands. I’m sure you can imagine how ridiculous I felt walking around with gloves on in the San Antonio summer, plus -it did nothing whatsoever to help the situation. In a nutshell, some of these things made the problem more bearable, but nothing was really helping to heal the problem.

I saw “Gloves In A Bottle” at a Walgreen’s pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas. I bought some and tried it. At first, I really didn’t think that it was doing very much. This product isn’t a moisturizer, like everything else that I tried to use, so it didn’t feel like it was doing anything.

However, the affected skin on my fingers and palms seemed to be slowly improving as long as I was faithful in using this product. I reached a point at which the large scaly patches basically disappeared and my fingers no longer cracked and bled in a few weeks. A few more weeks, and the dry itchy skin on my hands appeared to be nearly perfect again. Thanks!”

Itchy Skin

Linda Graham

“I am 65 years old and had never had any skin problems until two years ago when the doctors took me off of my hormone pills. I began to notice dry itchy skin, especially on the trunk area and particularly in the winter months. I bought different soaps, creams, lotions, powders and whatever over the counter medications for dry itchy skin I could find. None seemed to give me any relief. I had never been to a dermatologist, but decided maybe this was it. I made an appointment but couldn’t get in for a month.

So in the meantime I started searching the internet for a solution and literally stumbled across Gloves in a Bottle. I placed an order and it came quickly. I started using your lotion and by the time I went for my appointment with the dermatologist my skin had cleared up. I make a point to keep it on hand now.”

Hydropic Dermatitis


“For me your product is “Miracle” in a bottle. I’ve had problem hands off and on for many years. Treatments varied but all were in effective in controlling or healing the problems I experienced with my hands.

Fortunately, my sister had a sample of Gloves in a Bottle and offered me some. I checked out the website and was initially discouraged when I didn’t see any images of hands as bad as mine, but the testimonials made me hopeful. I had just applied a series of creams and ointments to aid in the therapy and healing of my hands and was very anxious to read the instructions of “Wash your hands first” as soap and water were not friendly to me.

To my astonishment, within seconds of applying Gloves in a Bottle, the redness of my hands was significantly reduced; and so was the discomfort!! I have continued to use this product and have not had an outbreak since.

The condition that my physician finally diagnosed me with is hydropic dermatitis which has no known cause but affects females and is stress related. It very much mimics contact dermatitis and eczema.

I keep a bottle close to me at all times! Thanks for making this amazing product!!”

My fingers would crack & split open


“I am an avid cross-stitcher but had to give it up for long periods of time as I am allergic to most needles. It was very upsetting to have to stop stitching as I love to do it. My fingers that held the needle would crack and split open and even start bleeding.

I had no choice but to stop and wait for them to heal then begin again. Shortly after starting stitching my fingers would again crack and bleed. I was desperate but saw an ad for your product in a magazine and decided to try it.

It seemed like it would form a protective barrier between my skin and the needle and indeed it did. Each time before I begin stitching I rub Gloves In A Bottle onto the fingers I use to hold the needle and I can sew for hours with no damage to my fingers. I am so grateful to be able to sew again thanks to your wonderful product.”

Contact dermatitis, blisters,cuts

Allison Failing

“I am 43 years old and have always had severe eczema and contact dermatitis. I have never known what is like to have hands without blisters or cuts.

My 12 year old niece saw Gloves In A Bottle in a store in Canada while traveling with her parents. She questioned the clerk about the product and became convinced that this was the cure for her Aunties hands. She immediately contacted me when she arrived home, so excited that she had made this discovery. Reluctantly, I told her that I would give it a try (since I had tried everything else under the sun).

Within one week my hands had cleared. I had a severe patch on my right palm for nine months. It was gone in one week!! I have never been able to do the dishes without repercussions, peel an orange or slice a tomato among many other things. Last night I washed dishes by hand, peeled an orange and broke it into slices. NO BLISTERS or SEVERE ITCHING!!

Thank you so much for marketing this product. I have convinced many people over this past week, today especially, that they needed to try my new discovery.

I work in a school setting and many are asking where to buy and how much. So we have already placed an order for more. If ever there is a doubt in someone’s mind, my hands can truly be a testimony as to how well this works. “

Gardeners, plumbers, auto mechanics

David Kline

People who work with their hands – plumbers, auto mechanics, gardeners – will appreciate Gloves In A Bottle.

This stuff actually works! For gardeners, those cracks around the thumb are gone. And I’ve found using it on my forearms gives almost complete protection against dermatitis that used to result from working in juniper bushes. Washing up is quicker, easier and more effective, even after doing greasy jobs such as engine work. Not to wax too enthusiastic, but I’ve rarely found a product that delivers more than it promises.

This is the first summer I have had smooth “garden hands”. This product is wonderful and I use it every day. My fingernails no longer dry out and break or split. I really enjoy using your product. The day it came I slathered my arms and hands up and bravely went into the grocery store. I put the basked on my arm and hooked it to my elbow. By the time I had finished shopping I had a rash that ran from my elbow up. I realized I had applied Gloves In A Bottle up to my elbow and where I had applied it I was ok. I also found out my gym’s shaving cream in their showers has nut oils. Also, your prompt delivery and friendly service are greatly appreciated!”