Amazing Product! A Must have for our world today!

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Your product is so amazing. I have been using it for about ten years, As an artist who paints with her fingers at times, it has been a product that I USE EVERY DAY! I would see your samples at the checkout counter at Arizona Art Supply — and I did not take them. Then one day, after talking to the cashier, I thought — I will give it a try. And, voila, I was hooked. And, at that time, your product was unknown to so many artists and workshop takers, etc. Your company sent me a box of samples so that I could hand them out to my students, and they loved it. When I first started using your amazing Gloves In A Bottle lotion, it was typically just for artists! And, it was only available through art supply stores. I was so glad to see that it is now being promoted and is available everywhere (or so it seems). I use it every day when I paint — so yesterday I was thinking that I am going to start posting on social media about Gloves in a Bottle, because — THE WORLD NEEDS IT — We are all putting on so much hand sanitizer and washing our hands, and here is a great solution to the World. My thought was to shoot a video of me, blog about it and put it on Facebook and twitter and other social media outlets. I use a lot of paint, and I paint with my hands as well — they are constantly in the paint. I start with some Jojoba oil for my nails, and then I use your product which spreads up onto my arms. I want to help you promote your product to our World. It is an essential and much needed product to help people survive this Virus. It is time for the world to know and have access to your product. I want to be one of your ambassadors to help promote your product. I am in the midst of creating a new website, and I would also like to put a link to your product of my site. Diane Leonard