Skin Allergy/Pesticides, tattoo ink, cattle medicine

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Gracy, Wagon  Mound Ranch

“I work on a ranch, so my hands get totally trashed despite my best efforts. On any given day, I may be using pesticides, tattoo ink, various vaccines and cattle medicines, etc.

I also work as an artist. What I do is make baskets from pine needles. The finished baskets are cured with melted pitch and beeswax. You can add those two items to what is usually stuck to my hands.

Lastly, I remarried, to an old cowboy who insisted on the whole shebang, including wedding rings. The last time I wore a ring was a good twenty years ago. I gave it up pretty quickly because my finger turned bright red and swelled like a carrot.

So the third reason I thought I’d try Gloves In A Bottle was to see if it would provide a buffer between the ring and my finger. It seems to be working.”