Scratches, acne spots, chapped lips

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“Because my son can’t draw with markers and such because it absorbs into his skin and makes him react, this lotion was recommended to me. It provides an actual barrier for your skin against everything on the outside while still allowing your skin to function as it is supposed to. I received it less than a week ago and it has already proven itself to be amazing in my house.

I used it on my 2 y.o. when he got a deep scratch on his nose and it healed up immediately.

My teen daughter had some infected acne spots and she washed her face well and then applied it and the infection was gone by the end of the day. Normally the infected spots have trouble healing and stay for days.

I have had a problem for months with my bottom lip being chapped and not healing. I tried just leaving it alone and drinking lots of water (because balms and such can make your lips worse), but it wouldn’t heal. I applied the tiniest amount of Gloves In A Bottle for a couple days and my lips healed up. It isn’t that you are applying medicine to your skin. You are just protecting your skin so it can do the job it is supposed to of healing itself.”