RN Supervisor, 16 hour weekend shifts

Susan J Bartmon

This product is remarkable. I had resorted to Crazy Gluing my cracked fingertips together. All of the advice for fixing cracked skin on the hands is to avoid washing them. Try doing that as a nurse! One application of this immediately removes every snag and dead bit of skin that sticks up and tears. Within three days my hands were almost healed. I have been through Working Hands, Eucerin, Phytoplex – you name it, I’ve tried it. I will never be without this product. I have a pump bottle for my nursing bag and will buy another for home use, as well as a small one for my purse.

GreaT for gardeners and such!!

I first tried this product when I received it as a sample from the Home Gardening Club of which I am a lifetime member. As a gardener and as a person who performs the usual household chores (such as dishes) I tend to get dry skin (also in a dry climate) as I can not work in gloves. This product is GREAT for preventing the dryness that comes with such everyday activities. It also makes it SOOO easy to wash off dirt. The dirt does not get stuck under the fingernails. I have even taken to putting it on my feet when out playing in the summer and it helps protect my peticure! It really is a great product. And for those that find the feeling “yucky” all I can say is the feeling goes away and far outweighs the initial feeling. You will eventually feel your skin become supple and soft…and yes…protected. The point is tha tit PROTECTS from outside chores and daily hazards to your skin.

Lotion Comes Off With Exfoliating Skin Cells

Pamela V

I don’t have dry skin. I live in a humid climate, which probably helps my skin stay moisturized. I moisturize my face but rarely use hand or body lotions. I am a nurse and only do I wash my hands dozens of times per day, but I also change gloves about 50 times per shift. I know this because I am the only nurse wearing size small gloves on my unit, so I pretty much go through a pair of gloves myself per day, just in my own office.

This lotion does go on smooth and absorbs easily into the skin. Any odor or fragrance is very slight. I noticed,though, after applying this lotion and allowing it to dry sufficiently, I could rub my hands together and particles of dirt or whatever, that was, of course, unnoticeable before applying the lotion, were balling up and coming to the surface of my skin. Kind of like exfoliating my skin.

So I read the bottle more carefully and one of this lotions claims on the bottle is that it comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. Interesting. But not necessarily a feeling I like to have. Another claim of this lotion is that it bonds with your outer skin cells to form and invisible shield that helps protect your skin. I find myself rubbing my hands together, which makes the lotion particles come off with skin cells, which makes my hands feel dirty. I don’t like that.

I can see the benefits of this lotion for anyone that does cleaning or is in water and not wearing gloves. Or for anyone that has skin problems on their hands and forearms because of work or cleaning duties, being exposed to water, moisture, or temperatures. But as a daily lotion, I am not going to use this. I don’t care for the feeling of exfoliating skin cells on my hands.

Actually my husband loves it

S Joneson

My husband was having to do some engine work on his truck so he asked me to buy this for him. I thought he was crazy since I had never heard of anything like this before. Anyway, you put it on your hands like normal hand lotion and when you have to do something that is really going to get you hands grimy, this stuff allows you to wash your hands without and residual dirt from getting around you finger nails and other parts that tend to attract and retain dirt. I found I like it too when working out in the yard so I would have to say I would recommend to anyone who is going to be getting their hands dirty.

Secondary Lotion


Does not heal or replenish skin. This is intended to make a barrier, which it does well, and helps greatly when dealing with soaps, dust, dirt, chemicals, or other things that cause skin irritation. Use this for eczema, after healing lotion (Hoofmaker or Aveeno stress relief with oatmeal) is applied, dried, and absorbed. Note that it does have a weak scent, similar to Elmer’s Glue.