Base coat under makeup

Laura Spencer

“My skin was dry, and I really hated the way that dry skin felt.

I’ve been using my Gloves In A Bottle immediately after I shower, and I have found that it greatly relieves that tight “dry-skin” feeling that my skin tends to get during the day. (I really do hate that tightness.)

In fact, since the lotion is so thin, I’ve been using it on my face too. I found that it makes an excellent base coat under makeup and relieves the tightness around my eyes (next to my hands, the skin around my eyes is probably the driest). It’s not sticky and it’s virtually invisible while you are wearing it.

My daughter, who can only use hypoallergenic lotions and cosmetics, was able to use Gloves In A Bottle without any problems at all. Even my husband, who also has very sensitive skin, tried this lotion.”

Cracked Fingertips


“I wanted to inform you of how this product has done wonders for a skin problem that I have been fighting with for a couple of years. The skin on the tips of my fingers, on both hands were cracking severely regardless of the various attempts I made to soften the skin and/or to apply medication to heal the cracks.

My fingers were so bad that at times I had extreme difficulties buttoning my clothes or holding on to small items such as pencils, screwdrivers, etc.

I started using Gloves In A Bottle and it was almost an instantaneous improvement.

Within 5 days of use of the product, applying it at least twice a day during that period, my skin problem was handled – the cracks were nearly gone, the skin on my finger tips began defoliating and it was incredible how soft and supple my hands have become.

This product is great, makes your hands feel good and soft. It’s been years since my hands have been so smooth and feel so good.”

Psoriasis Relief


My dermatologist gave me a prescription for the cortisone ointment when she diagnosed me with psoriasis. It did help heal, however, every time I got my skin wet, the psoriasis came back with a vengeance. I purchased multiple types of lotion and nursing gloves for my hands. Nothing actually helped. While at my local small town pharmacy on day, I saw Gloves in a Bottle (all in 1 shielding lotion) and thought well I’ll try this. I purchased a sample 2 oz bottle (for $6).

I am honestly amazed and extremely pleased at the difference it made with my psoriasis and also other areas where my skin is uncomfortably dry and itchy. The bottle is empty… every last bit– so I found your site to find out where I can purchase larger sizes at better price.

This product is one of my “pass-this-product’s-info” on to friends and family. Thank you for making a superb product that actually fulfills its claims.

Extremely painful cracked skin


“Like many other reviewers, I have struggled every winter with dry, cracked skin. I would get extremely painful cracks at the edge of my fingernails and on my fingertips that were so deep they would bleed. It became difficult to button or snap my clothes. I tried EVERYTHING over the years. Every kind of cream, lotion, oil, etc. I would smear all these various concoctions on my hands at night and cover them with white cotton gloves while I slept (my husband dubbed me “Minnie Mouse”). Absolutely nothing worked.

While researching–yet again–what I might do to alleviate this painful condition, I found a mention of Gloves In a Bottle. Trust me, I was very skeptical as I had been disappointed so many times, but desperation won. I purchased my first bottle and am amazed at how quickly it has healed the cracks on my hands. Within a few days, all were almost gone and no new ones have developed. I do not put it on every four hours as indicated on the bottle but always do it at least morning and night and other times as I think of it. I have now ordered two more bottles and a small one to carry in my purse. I am a believer!”

Dry Cracked skin


“I swear by this product. My late husband used to refer to my hands as sandpaper, and that is very true. In the winter my hands get dry and cracked. The cracks at times became bloody. Not with Gloves In A Bottle! I put on a drop-and that is all you need is a small drop-every time I wash my hands. No rough hands. No bloody knuckles. I’m sold on it and recommend it to friends.”/p>

Peter – Cracked/Raw Skin


“Amazing product! I’m a bartender and my hands were always raw, red, and cracked at the end of the night from all the hand-washing and chemicals in the glass-washers. The first time I used this, I put it on before my shift, and my hands were perfectly fine at the end of the night! It’s almost miraculous how well this stuff works, I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. “

Problem Skin


“I work P/T cleaning up and closing a deli. My hands have been destroyed with the bleach water, continuously washing dishes and exposure to the heat of the fryer and hot case. Rubber gloves are not an option. Both my thumbs and index fingers are so dry and cracked. My right thumb is deeply cracked and when I bump it it hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes. I use a deep moisturizer when I get home but on my days off my hands and fingers get dryer and so much more tender to the touch. I felt I HAD to get ‘Gloves in a bottle’ as a last resort for comfort.

My first use, I washed, moisturized then added ‘Gloves in a bottle’ and allowed to dry. I really thought my hands felt kind of greasy and had a shiny look from the ‘Gloves in a bottle’ originally. As I went about my day I realized they just felt moisturized. I am so used to dry hands with crackly patches having the moisture locked in with ‘Gloves in a bottle’ felt awkward. I did my first load of dishes after having it on for 2 hours. I must say my hands felt super weird wet after I was done. An hour later, the backs of my hands aren’t super dry and extremely wrinkly like normal. They feel extremely soft and smooth. I will admit I did dip my right hand into a heavy solution of bleach water, 1 cup bleach 5 cups water, My left thumb and index finger feel a tiny bit dryer than they did before I started but NOTHING like they would have if I would not have used ‘Gloves in a bottle.’ My right thumb and index finger feel a bit drier than the left. I can definitely feel a difference between both hands. At this point I would recommend no heavy bleach solutions. At work we use a cap full to a gallon of water and I am anxious to test the results there. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy ‘Gloves in a bottle’ on my days off and the moist hands I have not felt in a very long time.

The second day my hands feel like they have a great covering on them after having applied it 5 times since receiving ‘Gloves in a bottle.’ I wash my hands about 20 times a day when I am at home they are still moisturized. I have used regular lotion before I reapplied ‘Gloves in a bottle.’ My index fingers are completely moist with no dry patches. Tomorrow, I work and will KNOW how well ‘Gloves in a bottle’ performs by the time I get home. My hands do feel like there is a protective layer covering them with no odor or greasiness. I did apply it further up my arms each time and even my arms are staying very moist.

My third day and true test of ‘Gloves in a bottle’ was my day of work yesterday. The open sore on my thumb is not tender, almost completely closed and healing quite nicely this morning. All dry patches are gone. I am actually quite shocked at the fact it didn’t take long to realized I WILL be purchasing more ‘Gloves in a bottle’ in smaller bottles to put in my purse because it worked so well. I will have to use ‘Gloves in a bottle’ on my breaks because of the fact my hands are in water a great deal while at work. I have faithfully washed, added a moisturizer and allowed it to soak in before applying ‘Gloves in a bottle’ every 4 hours of my working time.

I am COMPLETELY impressed with the immediate results ‘Gloves in a bottle.’ Even my son noticed my hands look 100% better than they did the day the order came in. I really regret that I didn’t have him take pictures of my right thumb before I started using ‘Gloves in a bottle’. I seriously would not believe it if I had not experienced it myself. I really like that it doesn’t take a large amount for a nice layering, it is not thick and greasy and it works on my arms just as well as on my hands…I could not be more impressed or happier!!! “

Battling severe eczema


“I have been battling dry skin and severe eczema for a long time. Have had different creams from my doctor and I went for a long time to a skin specialist and I’ve tried it all. Yesterday I went to get some Gloves In A Bottle – I put it on at 6 PM and my hands were as smooth as a baby’s behind and stayed that way. This morning went back to the pharmacy and bought a small bottle and because I am on Social Security they gave me four packets.

I have never had anything work so fast and so good. My eczema skin was so bad if I brushed my hand by my face it would actually cut it. I wanted to let you know this stuff is a miracle and I can go somewhere and not be embarrassed by my hands. Thank you, thank you for coming up with this cream.!”


Hope Trevino

“Just wanted to let you know that your product is great. I was having a very difficult time with dry skin. Due to the onset of some physical problems my skin felt cracked and looked horrible. I heard about your product though a friend, I have had much relief and my skin feels great. Thank you for this product.”