This Barista is Pleased

Corey’s Wifey

I work as a barista for a corporate company and recently began having severe reactions to the dish detergent and sanitizing chemicals (mostly from the wrist and down my hands). I have tried a number of lotions – working hands, eczema relief types, Aquafore, salves and lotions from Burt’s bees… and my hands either had an even more painful response/reaction or just maintained.

I was skeptical of this brand due to my reactions from other name brands but ended up getting the smallest size bottle to sample. I actually bought heavy duty dish gloves recently and in combination of the two… my hands have had a HUGE improvement. They are not back to normal completely… but the red irritation similar to dermatitis has gone down to my normal skin complexion and my hands are no longer in excruciating pain. I wash my hands a lot and I still try to reapply this lotion (even though it says it’s unnecessary) due to the amount of chemicals around my store. I am noticing that my fingers are the areas that the lotion comes off the most (more than likely due to the amount of sanitizer I handle on rags and such) – but I am thoroughly delighted and pleased by the effects so far.

My husband has eczema and I have asked him to try this lotion as well, in addition to his medicated prescribed creams. Hopefully we can see good resultsthere as well. Thank you for being TRULY hypoallergenic. It was a relief to put it on and NOT feel GREASY or thick. I can tell it’s on my hands but it’s a light pleasant experience and doesn’t burn or sting.