Amazing Product! A Must have for our world today!

Your product is so amazing. I have been using it for about ten years, As an artist who paints with her fingers at times, it has been a product that I USE EVERY DAY! I would see your samples at the checkout counter at Arizona Art Supply — and I did not take them. Then one day, after talking to the cashier, I thought — I will give it a try. And, voila, I was hooked. And, at that time, your product was unknown to so many artists and workshop takers, etc. Your company sent me a box of samples so that I could hand them out to my students, and they loved it. When I first started using your amazing Gloves In A Bottle lotion, it was typically just for artists! And, it was only available through art supply stores. I was so glad to see that it is now being promoted and is available everywhere (or so it seems). I use it every day when I paint — so yesterday I was thinking that I am going to start posting on social media about Gloves in a Bottle, because — THE WORLD NEEDS IT — We are all putting on so much hand sanitizer and washing our hands, and here is a great solution to the World. My thought was to shoot a video of me, blog about it and put it on Facebook and twitter and other social media outlets. I use a lot of paint, and I paint with my hands as well — they are constantly in the paint. I start with some Jojoba oil for my nails, and then I use your product which spreads up onto my arms. I want to help you promote your product to our World. It is an essential and much needed product to help people survive this Virus. It is time for the world to know and have access to your product. I want to be one of your ambassadors to help promote your product. I am in the midst of creating a new website, and I would also like to put a link to your product of my site. Diane Leonard

lifesaver for “Lifesavers”

Frontline worker during COVID19. With constant handwashing at work and at home, this product is a lifesaver for your hands. Apply it several times a day though because of how many more times we are having to wash our hands now. Great product.

Palm eczema relief!

About a year and half ago, I started getting extremely dry skin on my palms. I went to the doctor, tried over the counter ointments, changed all of my soaps, and unfortunately it only got worse. It was to the point that almost my entire palm on both hands was covered in dry, flaky skin or blisters. You can imagine my misery. I went to a dermatologist finally and he prescribed another cream along with gloves in a bottle. I started using the lotion immediately and my palms cleared up in a matter of weeks! This is the only lotion that keeps my hands protected through daily activities and hand washing. Since COVID-19 I’ve been able to wash my hands more frequently without the fear of my eczema worsening again. Thank you Gloves in a Bottle! Natalie

Hand Protection at Amazon

I have been a faithful user of Gloves in a Bottle for many, many years. It has been such an asset to me because I wash my hands several time a day and used to suffer from dry, cracked hands which were painful to say the least. At the present (virus) time, I decided to order several bottles to share the wealth so to speak. Just the thought of a proven “barrier” on my skin reinforces my reliance on such a wonderful product. I have recommended GIAB to several people over the years. Buy it, you will never be disappointed. Thank you for this offer for leaving a review….you did not have to twist my arm to recommend this fabulous product.

Cracked skin & Psoriasis

After trying expensive medications for the cracked skin around by fingers from cleaning, Gloves in a Bottle eliminated my issue in 7 days. My split finger nails appear to be healing as well. I tried it on my scalp psoriasis. After 8 years of applying various oils, serums, lotions, scalp treatments, and mediations, my scalp is clear & healed. When applied to the scalp, it soaks in the skin so it doesn’t leave your hair oily or greasy. Application is not visible on the hair strands. I am totally amazed & thrilled that it has cleared up in 2 weeks. I now use it on my hands & face at bedtime. I am extremely happy & would highly recommend.

A great product


I work in a Cable TV maintenance department. I am exposed to chemicals inside and outside on cable lines both buried and aerial. I work outside in all weather conditions. After using Gloves in a bottle my hands are so much cleaner and also are moisturized which solved my cracking skin condition in cold weather. Thank you for making a great product!

Best lotion

I’ve been suffering with dermatitis for months, been using creams from doctors but haven’t cleared it up. Within a couple of days of using Gloves in a Bottle, my fingers are the best they’ve been for months, they are calm and not Ifor irritated anymore. I’m going to continue using this product along with my prescribed cream until it completely clears up. It feels as though it leaves a protective coating on your hands and would be good in the winter when most people suffer with dry and sore hands.

Covid pandemic and washing hands

Megan Strickler


Hi! I’m a nurse in a busy ICU at a northern NJ hospital. Obviously with the Covid pandemic going on, I wash my hands countless times an hour (I couldn’t even imagine how many times a day that equals!). My hands have recently been at the point where they are raw and bleeding by the end of the day. My mother bought my husband (who is also a nurse at my hospital) and I a bottle of your hand lotion and i just wanted to let you know how HUGE of a difference it has made! Not only do my hands not bleed anymore, but they’re very soft (even at the end of a 12 hour shift)! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product, especially at a time like this! Stay safe and healthy!

Glove in a bottle is guarantee to work!

I just started work recently, I worked in a factory that uses powder-like materials to make our products every day. After a few days at work, I begin to realize that I was breaking out all over my body. A red rash, allergic reaction to something eczema-like rashes. It was itching really bad. None of us could figure out what it was or what trigger it. I tried all the anti-itching lotion out there but none work. One day, a coworker said, “have you try gloves in a bottle”? So I order one online and tried it and wow it was amazing. No more itch, no more rashes, breakout, and the best part it lasts all day. Just apply once and you are done for the day. I now used it every day before work and the rest is history!