Your product has saved my life!

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Denise L. Carey

“FINALLY a product that works and saved my hands!!!

I was at my pharmacy having my pharmacist help me look for latex-free bandages so I could cover the deep crack in my thumb that I have had for over a month. Every bandage they had (Band-Aid, Curad, Nexcare, ValueRight and a couple more brands) used latex and with my severe allergy, my skin comes off the bandage so I was out of luck until she found a brand that is latex-free and ordered it in for me. In the mean time she gave me the small bottle of Gloves In A Bottle to try.

WOW!!! I used it before I went to bed Thursday night and when I woke up Friday morning that deep crack in the middle of my thumb that was bleeding the day before – was almost totally healed! I stopped in on my way to work and showed my pharmacist – she couldn’t believe it either!!! I’m now using it about 3 times a day (it’s Saturday and she gave me the bottle on Thursday) and that deep crack… all but GONE!!! One more day and it will be! What an amazing product! The pharmacy is ordering some in or if I can’t want I’m going to order directly from your website!

I have tried everything – Triple-antibiotic ointment, pure Cocoa Butter, Corn Huskers, Vaseline’s Waterproof hand lotion, Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, a hand cream for gardeners, Nu-Skin, Liquid Band-Aid, super glue dipped in baking soda (my boyfriend’s father’s fix – IT MADE IT WORSE because it killed and dried all the skin it touched!) – just to name a few – and NEVER have I gotten anything even close to the healing I got with JUST ONE USE!!!!! As I said – what an AMAZING PRODUCT!!! And no latex allergic reaction!!!

Your product has saved my life! I’m only 32 and my hands look like I’m at least 70 from the finger and knuckle cracks and the general dryness all over. I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR Gloves In A Bottle!!!!!! “