One drop is enough to coat all of my fingers

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“This week I saw my dermatologist for a follow-up visit, the first time I’d seen him since starting with the tape (my oncologist had called in that prescription, but the two have discussed my case on the phone). I told him the tape was much more helpful than anything else I’d tried, although the fingertips and nail margins remained very sensitive and easily injured. He said the tape does a good job on inflammation, but it also makes the skin thinner and less able to retain moisture, and he recommends that it be used for a maximum of two consecutive weeks and then set aside for at least a week.

To protect the skin after the tape is off, he suggested Gloves In A Bottle, an OTC “shielding lotion” which bonds with the outer layer of skin to help protect the deeper layers from irritants and prevent their natural oils and moisture from escaping. It does not wash off, but comes off naturally with the exfoliated outer layer cells and needs to be reapplied every 4 hours for best protection. One drop is enough to coat all of my fingers, and it does help — a lot. I’m inclined to think the fingertip problem might have been largely prevented if I’d been using this product all along.”