it makes my face super soft & moisturized

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“I’m honestly in love with this lotion. I have tried many many many lotions specifically for my face and to give you an idea of what my face is like… I have acne prone skin, although I don’t have acne anymore, if I put on the wrong product, I will break out, that being said the lotions I have tried in the past have either irritated my skin making it super itchy or it would work but once I stopped using it for like A DAY my face would become dependent and very dry.

This lotion doesn’t irritate my face, my face doesn’t turn red after applying it (like many other lotions have), it makes my face super soft and it actually feels moisturized! The bottle does say to apply every 4 hours which is fine by me considering it’s waterproof and what not. I honestly recommend it to anyone. I got mine at the pharmacy in Fred Meyer; they had a sample and I immediately fell in love with how it made my hands feel. There was also a $2 off coupon for them .”